Sunday, August 9, 2009


Don't you love it when the Fed ex man appears? or UPS? or the mail man?

Yesterday this appeared from my mother. It is an anniversary present for me and hubby! She saw me eye-ing it in MN when we were antiquing. I usually snap these things up, but it was slightly out of my rescue range... (Anytime I find a quilt that's so loved and under $40 I have to take them home...) So I sadly left it behind. I have to control myself somehow or I'd have a million quilts!

Boy was I happy to open the box and see it inside! We love it, thank you mom! I was still kicking myself for not bringing it home. But now, It's home, and ready for a second life.

While I have my huge pile of red scraps on the table I got sidetracked making some xmas blocks. And now I need to get back and start the second simply red quilt...
Although, I am itching to play with my other fabrics!

Starting to think about Christmas gifts... What I want to do etc. I only have a couple quilts to make this year for gifts... Not sure what else to make. maybe it will be the year of pillows and table runners... or place mats... seen some cute ones all over blog land...

On those place mats, do you put interfacing & batting in them so they don't curl up?
or just batting and quilt the dog out of them?

Happy sewing.
I think we're in for some rain today.


  1. Beautiful quilt! A great find and a great gift. Enjoy!
    I would think you would need interfacing on your placemats especially if you have plenty of quilting. Happy Sunday!

  2. i think you should use interfacing or batting works can use some of your batting scraps from all those quilts you make!

  3. Love the new quilt. I do think placemats need a layer of batting.

  4. Fabulous quilt, I'd have kicked myself too, but I'm pleased it evenyuall found you. I would use something like warm and natural batting, something with substance to it.

  5. Sweet Mom. Pretty quilt! Lucky you. :o)

  6. I use a medium weight batting when I make place mats...I usually do the pillowcase mathod so no binding is required but do quilt about 14 inch around the edge to get the placemat to lay flat. I just mailed off a set and forgot to take photos...duhhhhh

  7. Oh my. This is a stunning anniversary gift.. LOVE the red and white. Ok.. what's the pattern name? Some kind of leaf?

  8. gotta love the momma!! that quilt is beautiful!!

  9. That's so sweet of your mom to pay attention to things you like and surprise you like that! Happy Anniversary!

  10. I love your rescue quilt, what a thoughtful Mum you have. Your Christmas fabrics are gorgeous. xo

  11. Love your anniversary quilt!! So sweet of your Mom.

  12. I love the Christmas log cabin blocks! Your anniv. red and white quilt is so beautiful. Mom's are great, aren't they? I use a warm and natural batting on my placemats and bind just like a quilt.

  13. It's really nice that your Mom did that and now you can stop feeling guilty for not purchasing it in the first place.
    I will be looking to you for Christmas ideas....

  14. I would use a heavier batting for the placemats gives them a bit more substance.
    or you could just double the layer of batting you have and yes I do quilt them a lot , this way when they get washed frequently the batting is secured!
    know what I mean?
    ok, you have to tell me how could you have ever passed up that antique quilt
    I just LOVE it
    what size is the block?????
    my mind is racing!

  15. beautiful quilt. love all that quilting and the color is marvelous.

  16. fantastic find!....what a great border idea for a simple quilt...two different fabrics in the border or is the lighter pink the red faded out?

    I love the block pieced incorrectly. Glad she left it...adds character and leaves you wondering at what point she may have found her mistake.

  17. What a great quilt...and a perfect gift for a quilt lover!

  18. what a beautiful quilt!!! no wonder you had your eye on it...yay for your mom giving it to you guys as an anniversary gift. :)

  19. looking forward to seeing what you do with this stuff. Good on your mum for getting you this quilt, Red and white is so in at this moment, i am seeing it everywhere!

  20. thats a really pretty quilt your mom sent you, it must have been fun to receive since you had really liked it when you saw it.

    please consider entering the giveaway on my blog - its to support autism.

    happy quilting!!

  21. Love the quilt and the bit of blue fabric on that last block. So sweet!


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