Saturday, July 25, 2009

Simply red

The start of " Simply red."
I dug out ever red I had yesterday and just started to play... I love this process... I haven't a clue yet what I want to do with the two commission red quilts... But I'm thinking I'm going to need more reds!

Some of the pixie dust blocks are are coming in! I'm so excited they look amazing already!
L to R top: Amy (2), Helen,
L to Right Bottom: Janet and Amanda

I only get my mail once a week when hubby brings it from the city,
So if' you've sent it, I'll have it usually on Fridays...
So far so good! Thanks everyone!!!

Look at these Beauties! Chen and I did a swap for fun. I sent her ONE! She Sent me TWO!
She couldn't decide which she liked better so she sent both,
and frankly, I can't decide which I like better either!!!!
The left one, the colors are amazing and the block is a fun design. the RIGHT one, is Japanese for Good Luck, and who wouldn't like that!!!

I love the red and turq colors too, they both make me so happy! THANKS CHEN!!!
I love the left one... no the right one. no.. well... Both!!

Thanks for all the LOVE yesterday! We had a glorious Anniversary day, *no cooking!
And NO RAIN! Yippeeee!

Again almost everyday we are having rain, We lost power the night before for about three hours. I couldn't sleep as I was worried about all my green beans, zucchini and sweet corn I had just put in my freezer!!! But the days have been nice.

I am really hoping the rain will fade away for August 1st as we are having a Anniversary party...
Or I will have A LOT of wet people in my house!

Those bog paper flowers I posted yesterday in the vase, B and I have been making for decorations for the party... She taught me how. Love those moments!

Have a great day... I need my coffee. ;-)


  1. What a beautiful picture of the two of you! I hope your veggies survived. Those are fabulous swap quilts. Yummy!

  2. So far our blocks are looking good. Love the colors, and design, of the 2 exchange blocks. So you're back in Conn. Your fresh veggies look so appealing, makes me hungry.

  3. Don't you just love choosing fabrics, there are so many possibilities and so much potential. I got some beans at the market today. I think yours look better.

  4. Those reds make me think of 'em.

  5. Oh those commission quilts look like fun! I hope the yummy looking green beans survived and taste like summer next winter.

  6. Belated Happy Anniversary to an obviously happy couple! LOVE your red play and the blocks from Chen are so awesome and vibrant.

  7. Simply Red is simply gorgeous! Very nice fabrics.

    Happy anniversary! Great picture of the happy couple. Hope the weather is beautiful for your party.

  8. You guys are sooooo cuuuuuuuute!

    Okay, so this is my question. I'm also saving reds for a red and white quilt. I never pre-wash, but had an unfortunate experience eons ago with a scrap quilt that had some random reds in it. Bled like a stuck pig and that was before color catchers!

    Are you gonna pre-wash? How are you gonna avoid the chance of a bleed?

  9. Simply red? Simply STUNNING!!! Love it! Happy anniversary too! :)

  10. I love the RED quilt, just beautiful. What a terrific swap, I think you are right, it is hard to decide which one I like best. Hope your weekend is going well.

  11. The blocks are looking great! I love those quilts that Chen sent you. And your red quilt is look spectacular.

  12. Hey V, The little quilts you got from Chen are GORGEOUS! I especially luv the red one. I've got a thing for red. Happy Anniversary!

  13. good luck rounding up enough reds that match. they are tricky!

  14. I love that Kaffe red! I have that in an on-the-go project. Is that what you need more of? I can get it at the store nearby,


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