Tuesday, July 7, 2009

bumbling along...

I really don't need another bag/purse/sewing bag... But this fabric just seemed to me, that it MUST become something... Right now it's holding a small mini quilt that will be finished on the airplane Saturday as we head back to the cabin on Nest lake...

I can't wait to be snuggled into our little nook in MN.
I'll get to visit with a few blog-world friends!

So if I am a little M.I.A., that's why...
I might be able to get online access at the library... we'll see.


I know most of you think I make quilts....
But really I seem to only make DOG BEDS!


Hmmmm, I think I need more of this red fabric....
this may need to be a quilt, and not just a block....
don'tcha think?
you betcha!
(just trying out my Old MN accent there)

I have three projects in Limbo right now, awaiting fabric to finish them off...
Geez, maybe I should start another...??

Can you tell I am bumbling along right now?
There are so many other things I should be doing...
Cutting fabric for the gather, weeding the garden, laundry, dishes, etc etc...

What's got you tied up right now?
a good book?

Have a great day!


  1. I love the block with the crumb center.

  2. Oh my you've been busy!! Loving all your new creations. I don't know how you get it all done!

  3. The bag is beautiful. I would have to make something quilt out of that too. So you're coming to MN Lake country. It's beautiful here!! I hope you enjoy your stay!
    What's got me tied up - trying to get some physical therapy my doctor ordered paid by insurance - YUCK! Back to sewing!

  4. Luv the bag. It is the perfect size. It looks like you have gone Kaffe crazy. I love his fabric. Lots of fun stuff to sew!

  5. Busy, busy, busy .. :o) looking good too! Been tied up with allotment, aches and pains, and all those chores you just can't put off any longer (grin!) Happy quilting V!

  6. Awesome fabric, dog's cute too. TTFN ~ Marydon

  7. Ha! Once again on the same wavelength. I just made a bag for myself this weekend - and I rarely get inspired to do that! Your design wall is looking good. Enjoy your cabin time.

  8. Love your bag & that gorgeous red/pink/turquoise block! Wow! Wow! Wow!
    I hand sewn a patchwork scarf suitable for these summer nights & windy days by the dunes. Right now, we are on Sylt, a German island off the coast of Denmark.

  9. i love the bright fabrics that you are using. so fun!

    i'm tied up on writing up some instructions that i need to submit on a deadline. and it's taking for.ever.

  10. You're right! That fabric works for a bag. So that's how to feature that bunch of flowers! :)

    Have fun at the lake! I'm headingout myself for a family wedding. So I'm all tied up doing a week's worth of work (home and abroad) in 3 days. Yikes! :)

  11. That fabric was MEANT for that bag! its gorgeous. LOL about making dog beds.......they always find the most comfy spot.
    I am wading through blog posts....then I might do some sewing, or cleaning, or watch a movie....oh the choices! (but only because its school holidays here!)

  12. You are so creative. You just amaze me. In love with the "must have more red" block. I hope this is the start of another great project.

  13. What a fun post! OH, believe me, I think that all of our darling four-leggeds think that any fabric put on the ground is for them! Whenever I spread out fabric my little guy is right there... digging a bed and getting comfortable!

    You make beautiful art!!!


  14. I'm loving that red fabric with the flying geese strip. Beautiful. The question is, What doesn't have me tied up right now? I heard someone say, "if it's not one thing it's another, so let's just do it" I liked that.

  15. The bag is gorgeous and the puppy looks very comfy. My cats always have to try out the new quilts too....sometimes while I am still working on them.

    I get in those moods too where I am not sure what I want to do, but want to do something. I am working on a "have to make" right now.

  16. Fantastic use of fabric for your new bag! Love it.

  17. Beautiful fabrics and gorgeous designs. Love the red and turquoise combinations!


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