Monday, June 8, 2009


These are all my little 2" blocks I brought along with me to play with. I invited B to help me and she put them all up on the wall for me...
Better then pulling weeds!
I had three colors I wanted to use Red, teal and ochre... and I wanted to do something different with them, an thought I'd like to highlight the crosses in the quilt...
I tried a solid block cross with an ochre/teal block... but thought it looked a bit dead.
Then I tried the red crosses... to dark... this is starting to sound like goldilocks isn't it?
I don't want to do a white quilt even thought It would probably look really nice... so I tired red centers.... hmmm...

I am just feeling the colors... but, still not sure.

I think I will just go sit and think about it for a while...

got any thoughts?

Best part of summer? no shoes.
Rarely do I have a pair on in the summer. Heaven.


  1. I have no thoughts! I just love whatever you do! Wow, what a happy quilt. I am making blues with scraps from my grandmother's stash. They are so pale, and I wish she had colours like yours...oh well.

  2. How would it look if you alternated red and ocher centers and did the crosses opposite? I understand the process--just remember you have all summer and don't need to rush it!! Love bare feet! Have fun!

  3. I'm a little colour-boring so I'd pick the white quilt! And I dislike wearing shoes so much that we never wear them in the house (easier to clean the carpets too!).

  4. I like the second photo. The one with the teal added. But thats just me. Good Luck. Remember to look at the squares in both morning and evening light, as the pattern is highlighted differently.Cant wait to see the final one!

  5. As much as I love ochre, it's just not doing it for me here. I love the blue, and the red centres look fab with the ochre, but, its your quilt and it has to speak your language and style, not mine. I know whatever you do it will turn out just how you want it.

  6. My 'design wall' is in my bedroom so when I'm playing with the colors I usually just leave it up there and live with it a bit. Sometimes the answer jumps out at me while I'm getting dressed or changing a diaper. I trust that you'll get it right.

    I'm so jealous that you are already on vacation. We have two (yes, I said TWO) more weeks. (Missing private school scheduling right about now.)

  7. Try scattering them paying no attention to making crosses. Do not space them all apart, but let some clump together. You can practice this by tossing 20 pennies on a desk--see how 5 will clump together, some will be in pairs, some will be single.
    Use your red, white, teal, and ochre.
    Try with all four, try with just 3.
    I like it!

  8. I love reading everyone's suggestions. I think I would try them all, and then just go with what feels right. But the idea of the red crosses and ochre centers sounds kinda interesting.

  9. Hey V, Fun stuff! Keep on playing with it, it will tell you what to do. That's the fun part. And who needs shoes when your toes look good? Happy sewing!

  10. I like the red centers but the ochre seems to bring down the cheerfulness a bit. Your quilts are always cheerful! Happy day!

  11. I've forgotten - have you got Liberated Quiltmaking? Towards the back is a photo of my favourite quilt in the whole wide world. Red and white nice patches. Wonderful.

    The minute the sun comes out and spring is officially here, the socks get put away and don't come out again until October or November. Lovely.

  12. Does B have fun playing in fabric? My husband's granddaughter likes to go in the sewing room and pull fabrics for quilts and we almost always make her at least one turban while she is here!

  13. You're headed in the right direction. The "plain" color block tie the 4 square patches together. The red crosses were too much but trying the gold seems to work much better. Try some other combinations but I think your last picture is very nice.

  14. Playing with the blocks is so much fun! I love looking at them, re-arranging them, then looking again; only to repeat the cycle. Personally, I don't think the ochre works well here. I'd ditch the ochre and use the blue and reds. But I know what ever your final decision, it will look spectacular. Your quilts always inspire me!

  15. I like the last one. But maybe a different color than the tan?

  16. With the ochre and red it reminds me of those color-blindness tests, with blue and green and red dots swimming around making new pictures....interesting.

  17. I like numbers 1 and 2 a lot. But think that a combo of the red and ochre could be interesting. It'll be neat to see what you decide on!

  18. love your blog ..such great and exciting your style.Jennifer


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