Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday exhale

Here's my new view for the summer! I'm all settled in, and have a had only a few minutes to play so far. Got the machine up and running, so I did some machine quilting and playing around.


I thought I had a half hour to sew, as B had some reading to do. I came back up stairs after a half hour and...

Has anyone seen my girl?
reminder to self, buy clothes that don't blend into the rug...
I guess the end of the school year wiped her out too! I may get my own nap today...

Just before I left NYC, I had gotten some vintage brown fabrics. I had to play... just a little!
You didn't think I could really stop sewing last Tuesday did you?
My sewing machine may have been unplugged, but my serger was still sitting there!
Now I just have to find the right piece for the backing. that could take a while.
vintage or new backing ?
That is the question...

As I finished cleaning the studio, I found these old pink log cabin blocks.
(It's like finding a $20 bill in the wash!) forgot I had them!

I did not make them and they are not my taste, but, I figured I could have a little fun with them so they came along to the house, thought that might be a good project to play with this summer if I get tired of machine quilting all these quilts I have waiting here...

I brought a small amount of fabric to play with, and a big bag of 2" cut squares,
I outta have some fun with those!

Now I need to go weed my garden again. The peonies are blooming, the grass has been mowed.

aaahhhh. Come on summer.... Bring It On!


  1. My heart strings pull when a see a sleeping child. Its a sweet Mommy moment. My mother's favorite color was brown. My sister and I would moan
    when she gravitated to a brown fabric but now I too love the browns. Looks like you're going to have a marvelous summer. Happy quilting.

  2. Summer naps...they are the best!

    The words arrived! I'll post photos of them this week with the ones I've made. Love them...thanks!

    The embroidery is all packed up to go with me to California...should have them done by the end of the month!

  3. Great view...what a wonderful summer you will have! Love the quilting too.

  4. what a nice summer view!!! i hope you enjoy every single minute. by the way, where in MN did you grow up, i'm curious.

  5. Great view, cute quilting on the batiks and one sweet angel. Happy sewing, happy summer and happiness!

  6. What a lovely view of yr sewing machine :) , your quilts, the lawn & your cute child !

  7. Hey.. I knew you'd take enough fun stuff along with you. :-D Love the vintage browns. Can you tell what era they are from? I can't make the pictures very huge to see the prints up close good enough. Actually.. I just want to see them in person. :-D


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