Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mr. golden sun.

Ok, back at this quilt... I need to move it off my wall! I forget how monotonous it is to sew the same thing over and over.... ah! that's why I like free piecing! It's fun to lay this all out, but a drag to sew it all together...

But that's ok, that's how I roll! (as they say)

Speaking of rolling along, I had a lovely day riding the harley yesterday! The sun was out ALL day! I couldn't believe it.
This is our weather for the rest of the week.

Luckily, B got some horse time in the sun.

But if it could only stay like yesterday. Big blue skies,

And Beaut-i-ous sunsets....

All this rain, it must be really affecting me, I woke up at 5 this morning having this terrible dream that a sunami was about to cover us, and we couldn't get off Long island. So we had accepted the fact that "this was it".. I woke up and thought, ooh! that's so horrible, think of something else! I went back to sleep and it was one of those dreams that paused for a moment then my brain hit resume, and I went right back into it... I did this three times, then I finally just got up, I couldn't bare it, I saw the wave coming.

yep. I'm just sitting here singing, the sun will come out tomorrow, or the next day or the next...

Hoping it's a bit sunnier where you are!


  1. I think I feel barnacles growing on my butt. It's raining like mad-all the flowers are drowning, book covers are curling....sogg.
    When summer really hits it's going to be a shock to the system. I always kid people about Long Island mold growing season but this is ridiculous.

  2. I'm spending Sunday on L.I. and have been hoping for decent weather but it seems futile. The amount of rain we got here today it's a wonder we haven't grown gills. I have serious cabin fever.

  3. I don't like the monotonous sewing part either (I'm doing that right now) I like variety in my life. Looks like that's exactly what you have right outside your door.

  4. Look at B go on her horse....soo cool! Sorry about the dream, I had an Armagedon one myself last night, what is up?
    I love the pictures on the island, so beautiful, that alone should make you feel better.
    Happy Father's Day and send B lots of hugs from us.

  5. wow! Another beautiful colour-combo quilt! I'm allergic to horses & hay & sneeze for a couple of days after when near them :( . My daughter loves horses too. When she's on one & comes near me, I sneeze a lot too!

  6. Not suffered quite as much rain, but having my own wierd dreams so understand your frustration. Love the quilt, such vibrant colours. B looks so happy on her horse :o)

  7. I would be glad to take some of that rain from you. We had our share of the stuff in May but not a drop since. With 100 degrees days, it does not take long for everything to dry up fast!


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