Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thursday stuff

After you have laid out you fabrics, you will be free piecing them all together.
Keep your scrap bins near you, because as you randomly cut and paste(sew) things together, you may find that the design will change slightly, or you need to add a few bits here and there.

As I did mine, I tried to find the blocks of fabric that could be sewn into a
block, than another set of fabrics to make another block, and sew them all together as you create blocks.

Sometimes they are random shaped, some time they go together easily, sometimes, you just take you scissors and cut it so it fits.

It's most important not to be perfect, and to continue to not think so hard
about this project... Just follow what the fabric leaves you with.

Once I had the top pieced together, I decided right away that it would need a red frame. I laid the piece up on the wall, to give me an idea, and the second to last picture above, is what that looked like.

I really like it just as it was. But I wanted it to be a bit more framed, and I wanted it to actually fit on a bed the way I envisioned it, so i went vertical,
and using what I had, could only get a 6 inch all around on the red.

Overall. I am very pleased with the project. It was fun, challenging, and as I
step back to look at it, I'm pleasantly surprised at how pleasing it is... To make this top it took me from layout to finished top, three hours. I have a quilt that reminds me of Matisse, fragments of Gee's bend, a little crazy, and something I would have never been able to sit down, draw and plan out...

Now to pick out a backing! I selected four different prints.
I thought maybe pulling the blues, but my guy was the red/green brocade print as it had some of the same
filagree patterns as in the painting,

Siobhan at scraps and thread tales did some playing yesterday.
I can't wait to see what elements are coming through in the different tops.
I love the orange with the blues...

Other things are happening around here, a little bit of everything except cleaning my studio!


  1. OH, I just love it. I can't wait to try it out. I might get myself a break this weekend from studying and try a mini quilt version.
    Great progress photos..

  2. V, I am enjoying watching your process. Interestingly enough, it is very similar to how I work. Great minds think alike! (at least in this case.) A clean sewing space is overrated, think of it as organized chaos instead. Have a great day sewing. Personally, I'm not doing anything today but quilting!

  3. that did not take you long! great fun to read through V...and I really like the other project you have up as well.

  4. It turned out great! I really enjoyed going through the process with you.

  5. I really LOVE how it looks! I forgot to send you a link to my picture, but I'll do that for the next step!

    I also really enjoy the quilt you have on your design wall.

  6. Wait...I thought turning scraps into quilt tops WAS cleaning! Fun seeing your improvised quilt making! Send along the link to the LWB auction when you get it...I'll post it and blog about it!


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