Thursday, April 23, 2009

friday finishes

In the machine quilting, I kept it very loose with random flowers and leaves to keep in the theme of a variety of patterns and layers... I also added a few appliques blocks, and a few vintage 9 patches, to help draw the eye downward across the quilt...

I used one of the blues in the quilt for the binding, and am finishing that hand stitching today. To start and finish a quilt this quickly, makes it feel like a complete thought for me. Dagmar @ quiltmoose did this beauty!

Dionne at Sew many quilts, is giving it a try!
I like the size, and the very swirly fabrics.
The angles gives it nice movement also.

Keep sending links if you give it a try. I can't wait to see them all together!

I did finally get around to finishing the small amount of machine quilting I had left on the grad quilt... it washed up so nice, I'm having a hard time sticking it in the box to ship it off without a good snuggle first!

And Don't forget the Nothing But kisses, 9 patch quilt
(posts of the story click here)
is up for auction right now!


  1. My goodness, V. You ROCKED out that quilt. It looks so great. LOVE the grad quilt too.

  2. Holy smokes! You got that quilt done fast. Did you sleep this week? My hat is off to you friend, you rock!

  3. Love the grad quilt! I got the Nothing But Kisses quilt posted and emailed everyone in my book, I think!

    Loving your Matisse quilt, I never found the time this week, but Ive enjoyed seeing your process!

  4. are one fast lady!
    I will gather some fabrics and try this weekend-today's already spoken for.
    The red fabric in the middle left side is one of my all time favs. I was such a fool not to order a bunch of it. It makes me happy everytime I see it. Very Provencal. Yum!

  5. Wow, you are super speedy! I love your Matisse quilt, and your 9-patch! I still like the traditionals!

  6. Wow you're fast! Nice finish.

  7. i adore that last quilt. it's wonderful!!! that orange backing is perfect. (and i didn't realize that you had a juki as well. do you love it?)

  8. Wow that is quick! I hope to have the top sewn together by Sunday...quilting it is a whole 'nother thing! It is fun though!

  9. And away we go--as Jackie Gleason used to say


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