Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I'm so excited about this quilt. I can't wait to finish it... I now have to miter the corners like this above on the right... Maybe it can be my Inauguration night finish project... like the Obama quilt that I made on Election night...!!

I'm it!

I've been tagged by Sharon of indigothreads! So, I am supposed to tell 6 random or quirky things about myself...

hmmm, I've already said motorcycles so that doesn't count. Here it goes, I hope this provides as much laughter as it did here, as I had help form the peanut gallery pointing out all my quirks...

1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE, Big Band Music & Western Films. I know that's two, but I thought it was a little lame, so ya got two.


2. Its Hard to admit, I love American Idol. SORRY!, I can't help it. Make someone's life change, doing something they love? Come on... what's not to love. (o.k, and Oprah) (But not Martha Stewart...that's a whole other story)

3. I HUGELY DISLIKE, when people touch the back of my hands. Kristin at Gumdrops knows the story... Its gory. It took me at least 25 years for me to figure out why...

4. If ANYONE recommends a book to me to read. I will never read it. There's to much pressure on me to READ the book, and I can't focus on it. SORRY! to everyone who has ever given me a book. I have to search and search for books that catch my attention enough to want to read them...

5. I am Five years older than my Stepson, and my Husband is FIVE years younger than my mother! ha! top that! ha ha ha! its cool! And we all get along! Hence my being a grandma, at 38...(stepson has a 4(almost 5) year old)

Speaking numbers, there is 30 years between me and my mother, and thirty years between me and daughter, and 30 years between my husband and his son.(my step son)
So if your good with numbers, you can figure that one out!

6. hmmm. well.
I have really big feet. No, really! HUGE.

I used to have to order shoes from London, or send someone to go shoe shopping if I wasn't able top get there, before they were online....
But now, there are more stores in the US that carry LARGE size shoes...

OK. So that's what I can come up with... Now. Whom shall I tag?

Because she made this beauty. love her blog.

Because she's new to computers, and some sewing...

because I need to know more about this quilt. STUNNING!

Beacuse she makes these, AND she ALSO rides a Harley. ;-)

Because I want to see more of this quilt,
and cuz she follows my blog, yet I've never heard from her! HI!

Because she cracks me up.~! And she hasn't been on blogland since before her holiday...
your missed! She busy bandaging guys limbs, who've battled with sharp objects of a variety of natures...

Blue and Orange Cozy Quilt

and last but not least.

Because I dig this quilt and colors. And she can write stuff on her blog like:
Holy Poo.
Holy Moly.
Holy Moly Poo.

Makes my whole day!
What can I say, I have sense of humor of an 8 year old.
But I have an 8 year old so it's ok!

So. If they want to respond on their blogs with 6 random/quirks of their own. that's cool.
IF not. That's cool too!

Have a great silly crazy day.


  1. Couldn't resist and went straightaway to BAUMCAT's etsy store...had to have the little dragonfly piece to get me through this week of packing.

    #3 ...you cant just stop there...I'm ok with gore.

  2. Hi, thank you for have tagged me! You are nice and lively and I will be happy to tell something about me even if my english is rather basic. I love your blog too!

  3. Wow, you were fast! Mine took me a looonngg time. Of course, I refused to ask for input.

    I'm with christine...on #3, don't stop there! I'm ok with gore too. I survived 2 kids...I can handle it!

    I love your music!! I'm with you on the Big Band stuff - way cool!

    And, your sense of humor brightens my day...love it!

    Wah, christine took the dragonfly piece! I love that piece!! Gonna have to check out Baumcat's blog and etsy store. That dragonfly piece is totally AWESOME!

  4. I like this top. The mitered borders will do a great job of framing it.

  5. Great quilt top!
    Great list of bloggers too!
    Thanks for including me!!!
    I'll have to go check out the other blogs...
    And what do you mean motorcycles don't count????

    Hugs, C

  6. The quilt top is PERFECT for inauguration night! It's a fabulous top! Funny facts about you! :) And some new fun blogs to check out.

  7. I love Westerns also, nothing like a Saturday afternoon, some hand quilting and a good Western on the tv.

  8. I think you were linked on another blog I read, so I took a peek and I love your quilts! I'll work on my quirky list. Nice to meet you...

  9. The quilt is spectacular!

    I was completely against American Idol until last season when I watched an episode with Jake. I was hooked. So hooked! I have huge dislike for anything Martha Stewart.

    I just keep finding out more and more things to like about you!

  10. I have to say that I have you beat on being a young grandma. MY DH is 43, I'm 34, my mom and dad are turning 60. My step daughter is 24 and is marrying a 30 year old who has a 6 year old daughter in March.


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