Thursday, January 29, 2009


Thursday morning light.

Well, I have to say, I'm feeling the love! Thanks to everyone who is helping with some 9 patches. I have a feeling I'm going to be making more than one quilt! Thanks so much!

Well, besides still cutting squares out of my scraps, I have been able to get a few other things done. B decided to make a pillow for a birthday gift for her friend's party. So she drew out a panda bear, and we are in the process of putting him together... He is pretty darn cute so far.

And I have one more quilt off my list! This one was the one I put together on the day of the Inauguration, a lap quilt for my husband. I sort of really went to town on the quilting. I was experimenting with my new machine, so I wouldn't say I did a FAB job on it, but it looks nice. funky.

So I think I have 13 to go, before I can make a new quilt top! I guess I better get crack'n so when I get all those 9 patches after the 14th, I'll be ready to rock that quilt out!

I've posted this view before, out of my studio windows. But today the light was so incredible. There is a spring like sense in the air today...
Doesn't it look like something out of a Sci-Fi flick?
Very out out of the world, or at least very out of place!


  1. Those photographs are stunning.

  2. I'll be working on nine patches later this you can expect a package from the "left coast". Could you use some orphan blocks to use on the backside of those quilt(s)?

    the word verification for this comment is my last name, what a hoot!

  3. Wow. It's nice to know SOMEwhere is feeling Springlike! Pretty photos out the window.
    Ok.. I have to catch up on this nine-patch thing.. I am so out of the loop!! Looks great though.. that is what I like.. colors!

  4. Love the city photos. Your little girl's panda is so cute too!

  5. V,

    You are really making me miss NYC. What are the two buildings? It's been too long, I don't even know the skyscrapers in NY anymore :(
    I love B's panda pillow, doesn't get any cuter......

  6. Wow! Love your skyline photos and your quilt squares. I frequently read your blog though I haven't commented before. Your quilts are so graphic and colorful--I love the way you use color! That panda is really cute!

  7. I love B's creations and its super she can see where an idea can go!

    The view is great, the light play is really neat. The tall buildings amaze me - I'm more used to tall mountains instead of buildings!

    Looking forward to seeing your 9-patch quilt top(s)!


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