Sunday, January 4, 2009

Back to NYC

WOO HOO! I'm back to my sewing machines! We had such a nice lazy time at the house, but now it's back to school, work and sewing!

First I had to clean up the pig sty of a studio... Forgot I left it in a mess...

When I was working on these red square boxes.... Here's a peek, above. I need to sew the background color on the squares tomorrow.... (monday)

I put this on my bed this weekend, as it was laying in the guest room for so long... I made this one for my husband probably 10 years ago on a very cheap sewing machine, I forgot to wash the blue before I did it, and washed it, and so the white stars are sort of white, blue, etc... Bummer.

Also, to give credit, I had my mother quilt it out, while we went on our honeymoon!

I do Love the 5 point stars. You'll see, I pretty much always have a star in my quilts somewhere. Maybe in quilting, or patching...

Do you find that you have a block or pattern you tend to do over and over?


  1. I haven't been quilting long enough to have something I always do, but the quilts I design in my mind are usually trees or houses. I don't think I could tire of either!

  2. I just wish 5-pointed stars weren't such a pain to do. what a bummer about the blue bleeding - eek. very graphic quilt tho. fun red square in progress. if you count quilting patters then I definitely am in a rut there with my beloved freehand fans.

  3. I love stars too!
    I tend to put a star in every quilt I possibly can
    I have been known to hand quilt a star in a quilt if I don't have a star in the quilt!
    next time you wash this quilt I would put in a few of those color catchers maybe that would help
    from the picture you can't even see it, I just see white stars.

  4. I like the stars very much. Color catcher is a fabulous invention. It's saved my white sweatshirt from my son's tie-dyed shirt one time.
    I've made many house quilts just because they are such scrappy fun and countless log cabin type quilts. I love both patterns for the amazing-results-with-little-effort factor.
    Glad you got a chance to relax a bit.

  5. I love log-cabin patch and try to add one in my quilts,even if only in the backing.I made a flag-quilt for my husband too, few years ago.

  6. I've had the same problem with a red fabric that I didn't prewash in one of the first quilts I made.

    I love piecing stars, especially feathered stars. Nine patch blocks are one of my favorites and if I can piece them by hand I'm even happier.

    have a great week!

  7. I don't think the blue shades look bad, it is more interesting than something perfect.

  8. great star quilt-many of my personal quilts will have a butterfly fabric somewhere- however, not always. I like the blue shading in the stars myself. And, despite using color catchers-I still had red in a quilt of mine wander a bit into the white parts of the and learn on some fabrics.


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