Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What a girl needs

What a girl wants, What a girl needs, Whatever makes her happy sets her free... Isn't that how the song goes? well, I was a happy camper. A gift certificate to the city quilter... (trying to keep me to a budget on fabric!) ha! nice try...

And three quilt books... Can't wait to dive into them!

I thought I wouldn't start anymore tops this year, but Tuesday, I did get a bit done, with the awesome new fabric I got on sale...A variety of windham prints, dancing teapots, and moda...etc. Since, traditional quilts bore me quickly... I did manage to get about 16 of them done, before I started trying to make them go more MY way. wonky crooked, cut apart, sew back together, see what happens sort of quilting... (4 on the left, above) I'm thinking, I might leave the first 16 as they are, then do another 16 cut apart and sew back together differently... (two on the right, above) And maybe another 16 just totally hacked up.... maybe mostly red... But who knows. I don't like having a plan. takes the mystery out of it... It's also, red white and blue with some beige and yellow! That's a switch for me!

I need to take a better picture... not at 9:32 at night!


  1. I like your un-plan -- have fun! I visited the City Quilter last time I was in NY, great shop.

  2. woohoo! gift certificate! I love that Roderick Kiracofe book. your blocks are awesome. love the colors and the deconstruction. enjoy your sewing!

  3. ooooo.. so much fun! Take us shopping with you. :-)

    terrific blocks. Love your stuff!

  4. May have to swing by the City Quilter on my trip out to Connecticut.

    Great Books...two of them are on my shelf.

  5. Wonderful news that B liked her bedding! The new blocks are looking great - and the books look like a great way to spend some time. And that fabric budget stuff? Bah.


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