Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Snow Bunnies

Here come the snow bunnies!
Kia nd Jenny Egg go CRAZY in the snow...
We finally got some snow that I can talk about!

From left to right, Snow dog, Me, Mr. Snowman, Snow Bunny, and B
that was about 1 hour after it started to snow...

It's Still Snowing!
Maybe 3-4 inches so far...

( I'll take the 4" since my family in MN got another 10" on top of their already 24" they had!)


Everyone here, Except me, is now asleep. I guess the snow did them in...

So I am sitting on the floor, trying to figure out how to finish quilting the borders on my quilt.

Then I got out some new fabrics, to start sewing this one together...
Like I really need another project... But what else can I do with my feet up by the fire?

Stay warm! And Have a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Feeling pretty sorry for the folks hanging in Times Square tonight...!!


  1. I just had all my solids out today too. :-) Love the start of your new one.
    Happy New year!

  2. What a fun, fun snow family! Love the snow dog.

    Hooray for your quilt projects and Happy New Year!!!

    p.s. I always feel sorry for the Times Square folks! Standing all barricaded in on the street for fun!

  3. The snow creatures are wonderful! Looks like you have my little dog Annie there!

    I tried to talk my sweetie into helping me build a snow Harley... but he just laughed...

    May your heart always be happy!

  4. Your snowman's arms are the best! Funny, happy, welcoming. :)


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