Sunday, December 21, 2008



B in Strawberry Fields, Central Park, Christmas card 2008

One last sewing post for 2008... Monica and I were able to squeeze in one more day to work on her quilt. We added the circles, and then had to hit the town for some girls night out fun.

The runner up xmas card....

So , My TO DO LIST for December has widdled its way down to RELAX, RELAX, & get a massage.
All three of us took a nap today, does that count for relaxing?
I made so many cookies this morning, I don't want to eat any.

Hubby and Daughter are off to see the Nutcracker Ballet. It was HIS turn to take her, as we can only handle seeing it every other year! Since we've seen it Every year for the last 9 years!

We've had a busy week, which included, School finishing, Seeing the big Apple Circus,and B becoming a Black/Red belt. She has this belt and one more before her black belt test.

And we even managed to get about 3 inches of snow. So I guess that's are white christmas...
May your family be blessed with health and happiness.
Happy Holidays!


  1. My mom and Grandma both have one of those trees with the peg things. I hope to inherit my Grandmas! I love that quilt with the circles in it! You have been busy!

  2. Right back at 'ya my friend. And remind me not to mess with B!

  3. Love the quilt with the circles! It came out great. Love the Christmas card, and congrats to B on her black/red. How long does she have to remain the next belt color before she tests for her black belt? My kids/husband had to wait 6 months, I think.

  4. The quilt is so bright and fun looking, a great first quilt. And the cookies look delicious, we are doing our cookie baking tonight!

  5. Happy Hollidays to you and your family too. Enjoy and relax and recharge ...


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