Sunday, November 30, 2008

what a trip

What a long strange trip it has been... it took us 12 hours to get home to NYC from Seattle. Thank you rainy, windy weather on the east coast!

Its so typical for travel these days. At least there was weather to blame. Usually we have delays in NY for no apparent reason...

But golly wally, I was so happy to be on the ground after a two hour holding pattern) I could have kissed the rainy puddles with my green face... I didn't do well with the turbulence...

I am so exhausted, yet I am totally wired...

so here i sit typing away...

(Me, B and granddaughter N)
Besides the air travel, we had a GREAT time in Seattle! We got to see my husband's son,wife and their sweet daughter, our grand daughter. (B's an auntie! how fun is that!)

We did the parade, lots of yummy food, lots of play time, and we visited a Chocolate factory!
Theo Chocolate to be exact. Yum. I've eaten way to much chocolate... Organic, free trade etc. all good.

The one great thing about flying though,is that I bring projects I will never finish at home... like, i crocheted a couple scarves, and caught up on some reading of my magazines! Country Home has some very cute ideas for gifts to make for xmas this month. And, if I must say it, Martha has a few cute ideas also, in her HOLIDAY issue... Although I will never admit to saying to that. (but that's a whole 'nother story)

So now I am catching up on my blogs. If you haven't seen Malka's cover yet, go check it out! She does lovely things.

Also, Lucy over at quilting with the past has these amazing TINY quilts... gorgeous...

And you must go see the door hangers over at wisecraft...

OH! and I've been playing around with my header, and I added music from my playlist. you can turn it on OR not... just some various tunes, nothing to crazy, to quilt along with...
what do you think of the header?

Hope you all had a great holiday. I'm very grateful for my family, and the time we spent together for Thanksgiving. It was so nice...


  1. It might be one of best holiday trip of yours.

  2. what a cute pic of B and the Space Needle. the whole trip sounds great, apart from the trip home. yuck.

  3. I hope to get to Washington soon...but sure don't want a 12 hr plane ride!
    although I would catch up on a few applique projects! lucky you planned ahead and had a few things to keep you busy!

  4. Glad you're home safely and I'm totally with you on the Martha thing.

  5. Looks like you had a great trip!!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful trip - except getting to and from! That's clear across the country...

    Your pictures are great.

    Yes, the bike is tucked away for a long winters night... I have withdrawls...

    My son rode his a couple times last week... burrrrr.

    :) Cat

  7. I like the new header! Seattle is always fun...sorry to hear the travel was not so wonderful however.

  8. I like your new header - very cute! Sorry to hear your travel experience was not so good - often the case nowadays, huh? But glad you had a good trip otherwise.
    And I agree with you on Martha!

  9. I really like the new look! Glad you're safe and sound and on the ground.
    Travel today is awful. Such a shame. I'm so old I remember what it was like to breeze onto and off a plane.


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