Saturday, November 1, 2008

Super Score

I never been a big garage sale person...

But I happened to be needing a chair for our basement playroom and I saw a 50% off garage sale!

So Stopped, (they had the most awesome stuff!) and picked up the black side table, chair (newly recovered,
AND it matched the room,PERFECT!) and the old vanity/desk... guess how much?

$40... how awesome is that?

I feel like I struck the lottery!

I may need to rethink my anti-garage sale ideas...


  1. You certainly scored! You got some nice stuff.

  2. $40 for ALl of that? Wow, that IS like winning the lottery! I used to have a chair very similar to that one. How cool that it matches your room. That's the universe telling you that you MUST have it! And that desk is awesome.

  3. Oh yes, you need to re-think the garage - sale idea. What a score you made, may the luck continue!

  4. Awesome! I love finding a bargain!! Especially if it is something I really need. I usually find bargains, but not always things I "need".


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