Thursday, November 6, 2008

Company coming!

My OLD grungy white slip covered chairs hiding under quilts and dogs...

New Linen slip covers on chairs, same old white cushions

Disguised by a few pillows

Hidden grungy couch corners no longer visible under corner sleeves to match the chairs...

People are coming!

60 or so!

What better motivator to get off my duff!

My slip covers on two chairs in my living room where white, or well, they used to be white... falling apart... the corners on my couch were beyond cleanable...

Well, I had some linen from some other chairs we had recovered, sitting there collecting dust, and since I didn't ever want to be without the chairs by sending them out to be recovered, nor did I want to spend any money on them... I decided, as I am running around cleaning my house, changing light bulbs, grocery shopping etc... to make slip covers myself...

(what was I thinking?)

I whipped up these slip covers, and couch arm covers, and
a few pillows to make it tie together...


I ran out of fabric so I couldn't replace the cushions, which are actually in pretty good shape... But It think it's ok! I kind of like the happy mistakes, and leaving them white...

I also used the leftover bits I cut off the old vintage top that was all out of whack, to make the pillows...

Since my loft is quite modern, I think it helped to leave the raw edges, and left my serger sewing on the outside to show.


  1. "whip up" slipcovers? Girl, you rock! I would be so intimidated.

    The pillows look great!

  2. I think you did a lovely job. The pillows look fantastic.. love the patchwork on them. 60 people is a lot. Hope you don't have to feed them all.


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