Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Serious problem folks

As I was loading this latest scrappy quilt,
(I was supposed to be cleaning my studio, not hitting my scrap bin!)
I realized, I seem to have a lot of projects, that, HMMMMMMM?

can you see my problem?

Folks, I have a green, teal blue and brown PROBLEM!!!

Someone break me of this habit!

Someone please suggest a color combination, as I can't seem to break out of the brown box!


  1. Pink and orange? I love my pink and orange quilt. Pink and green. Pink and turquoise. Okay, I think I'm on a pink kick.

  2. nothing wrong with having a palette that you prefer and explore. here's one of my favorite ones of recent years: orange, pink, red, yellow with maybe hints of purple.

  3. and I almost never use brown-purple, green, purple and red, orange, yellow, I like the bright clear colors myself

  4. I gravitate toward brown and blue to so I am probably not much help, but what about black and pink?

  5. Well, I'm not sure I can help, as I am also a brown lover but, I use Brown and Coral, Brown and Pink, Brown and gold/yellow. Looking at your kinda DARK project, I'm thinking RED, RED, RED might be needed - not a lot, but enough to perk it up! Not a blue red, but an orange red???? Good luck - and hope to see what you come up with.

    My, my I just posted something and see on your sidebar a picture of what I just posted. Ahhhh, technology! 8-))


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