Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I've had this old quilt top laying around here for ages. Its so worn and lovely, I finally pulled it out to put together, and found that in the very middle, two squares were so pulled out of shape, and impossibly for me to stretch it out flat...

You can see that by the top photo... I had to trim some of the edges of this quilt top, as they were falling apart, so I took two good squares (Brown/navy blue & hot pink/turq. in the middle)and will sew them, probably applique, right over the top of them... I'm worried if I tried to take them out and insert them, the whole thing might fall apart!

It was sewn together with a machine, but very badly done... But they obviously put a lot into it, as the squares are quite small...

I had a piece of green/yellow flannel to put on the will be so snuggly!



  1. Good luck on the repair/finishing of this old top. I find that there are usually reasons these projects are unfinished, and it could just be a boredom thing as well. But I love them and can't keep from bringing them home, as well.

  2. Hi, just found your blog as I am new to quilting, love that quilt top. maybe after you applique the top you can go in the back and make a slit to ensure that it doesn't cause the finished quilt to pucker.
    It really is lovely.
    I like your blog.


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