Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I love IKEA. You can find such simple, inexpensive goodies, that you can totally transform at home with a little fabric...

trim lamp shades with ribbons and trim and fabric scraps....
When B was a baby her room had been yellow, pink, orange, green... So I bought a few lamps from IKEA and up dated her lamp shades with trim in the same colors.

Take extra fabric to spice up your drapes...
Also, IKEA white simple drapes, I trimmed the bottoms, with a bed skirt that matched her quilt... I've up dated it since her room is now red, turquoise and purple tones... I took off the previous green trim and added a blue, red and turquoise trim., adn left he pink bottom border...

DESK/ Desk Sets:
Wrap fabric around just about anything... pencil holders, notebooks, blot pads, storage boxes...
Now that she is in 3rd grade and getting homework, we picked up a corner desk, then for x-mas last year, I made her a desk set. trimmed the blotter pad with red polka dot fabric, a plastic lidded box with the same and monogrammed it with blue beads, that holds her markers, pencil cup wrapped in the same fabric.

or cardboard and frame as art...
She wanted a large cork board, which we should recover, it has the old pink, yellow and green fabric on it. But its loaded with so many things, and she wont' let me take it down! ;-)

wrap, staple gun, or hot glue some trim around a frame....
Her mirror and chair I didn't update. they still look fun and funky in all the different colors.

we found some pre-mixed paint at our hardware store for cheap.
Everything previously yellow got a fresh coat of RED paint and touches of purple/lavender

or use your scraps to braid a rug....
We had previously ordered a FLOR rug combo that matched the old colors in her room. When another order of ours got recalled, we were able to replace what we had and update Beatrice's carpet, as the light colors she had were getting pretty dingy...

reduce, re-use, recycle!! Quilt.
B's old FAVORITE clothes that she out grew, she didn't want to part with, so she asked me to make her a quilt out of them. with the scraps we made a matching pillow...

A cheap canvas from a craft store, let the kids a paint whatever they like... Take a craft ribbon, or fabric and hot glue to the sides of the canvas. no need to frame!


  1. did you make that pillow? I love the shadow silhouette! Gorgeous!


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