Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First timer.

Wow. I did it. I've read so many cool blogs, but never thought I'd get around to sitting and making one myself... Where to begin...

Well. I like to make things... this past summer, we were at our cabin in central Minnesota,
and having eaten at our favorite local diner for the millionth time, my husband bought when paying the check, some of the yummiest caramels from Knudsen's in Red Wing, MN... My daughter, B loved them as much as I did, so when we got back to our house, we decided, First we had to have them here in NY, so we ordered a box. Then I decided we could just make them ourselves, since i make just about everything else around here... So, the two of us, had a blast making 140 hand wrapped caramels.
Well, we had 140, I think we now have 130, as we ate a few to many.

They were good!

So we are trying to decide which of our lucky friends are going to get a bag of them, as we certainly can't eat 140 of our own and a box of K
nudsen's!... or can we?

Knudsen's Caramels

219 W 3rd St, Red Wing, MN 55066-2304

Phone: (651) 385-0800

Anywho. My name is V, born and raised on a farm in MN. I ran off to NYC to be an artist, met a wonderful man, M, married him, and added our beautiful daughter B to our family. B is adopted from China at the age of one, and it seems instantly she is now in third grade, (ZOOOOM, time goes by), and has become a huge influence in just about everything I do cook and make...

B had an idea as she sat drawing pictures one day, that I should sew her drawings into animals. Then we could sell them and raise money for Love without boundaries.

As a mom, how can I say no to that? So we did and she raised $600 and it was donated to help a child who needed surgery so she could be put on the adoption list in China. As it is, children who are not "Healthy" do not get put on the adoption list. So with Beatrice's help, the child has had some help, and will now be able to find her Forever Home. We are so proud of her.

FYI: all of the animals have been sold. But starting this fall more will be available.

She is a real go getter, my babe, born year of the dragon.... true to form.

Olympic fashion Birthday!
We had sack , water balloon & Spoon(Instead of egg & spoon), balloon hoping races, all for gold medals! Way to go girls!

So who knows where this will lead.
Let's just see...

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  1. welcome to blogland! and thanks for the nice comment over at my blog. your daughter is a sweetie through and through. congrats to both of you for making the difference in a child's life.


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