Wednesday, November 15, 2017


TOOTH AND NAILS Pattern now available in the VFW Quilts Store and website!!
My New Batiks called "Parts Dept" are coming soon! 

Have you missed me?
I've been on brain overload over here... Sorry for the Non-blogging posting on my end!
 For the first time,  I had a retail booth at the Houston International Show! 
The preparation for the event, left me WORDLESS!! I had nothing to blog. 

I have vended at other events but nothing to that scale, plus with an insane travel schedule this fall, it was all a bit, WOOOAAAHH!

No other words for it...

But. I'm done traveling for the year!
I made it through Quilt Market,
and Quilt Festival!
We had an amazing time, and I'm glad we did it. 
Meeting so many of you was a highlight,
The fact that my new book Modern Quilt Magic, keeps selling out, Ain't so bad either!

This is one FUN, jammed packed book of goodness, and If you haven't gotten a copy yet, please order from shop, and store... I will sign it for you!
Dont' forget to pick up the curved braid and herringbone template, as you will want them, once you flip through this book...


In other news, It saddens me to say that my dear friend, Nancy Zieman passed away Tuesday.
This amazing lady has inspired many of us over the years, and I am grateful I had a chance to meet her, spend time with her, and work with her. (my NZ videos are on my website)  I can say she was the kindest, most sharing, and supportive person,  I knew.  For all she has gone through with various illness and cancer over the years, she always had a smiling face, and was always a fighter.

We talked earlier in the summer about ending her very long running show. Her goal was to work right up to the end, as it was the thing that she loved most of all, and she said, "Why would I stop doing the thing that I love?"  

Nancy continued to follow her joy, which I hope to do as well. 
...As long as it brings you joy, keep following that light.

Thank you Nancy for all you've shared of yourself.  
May you be at peace, Nancy.




  1. I have been making herringbone quilts with help from your book. I did change the size of pieces so when I made a baby quilt I would have only one partial seam to sew. I changed the arrangement of the colors - I am using my pink stash right now - and it is crazy how different they look just with the change in color placement. I will have my third one done this weekend. I exhausts me to just think about the work involved setting up a booth at Houston. I have never been there for the show, but my Mom went 20 years ago and she said it was overwhelming. Try to find a bit of downtime just to chill.

  2.'s your time. You've been BUSY this year. So sorry to hear about Nancy Zieman. She has inspired us all. Saturday morning quilt shows aren't the same without her.

  3. Wow! Your booth in Houston looks so vibrant, so filled, so you! Nancy Zieman was wonderful. She's left a legacy for all of us. Last time I turned on a quilt TV show, YOU were the one teaching--the next generation.

  4. Thank you for your tribute to Nancy Zieman. She was such an amazing person and I've always admired her for her constancy. She was a vibrant Force in the sewing world and constantly inspired me.

  5. Yes, thank you for your tribute to Nancy Zieman. I agree that she was kind and giving. I never met her personally
    but I watched a lot of her videos and I could see that in her. She enjoyed sewing and sharing and I want to be like that too.

  6. Sorry about the loss of your friend. I only knew her through her fame on TV. And as for you, I am just in awe at your boundless creativity. I love Tooth and Nails, and love all the gorgeousness in your booth, and your happy smile, and your fabulous fabrics and everything. I hope to see you when you come to MN in ... 2018 or 19?? You rock. (M-town is still there and gets a wave from me when I drive by.)


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