Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Create Your Own Improv Quilts

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Rayna Gillman has been an inspiration and friend for several years.  In fact, it was in one of her books I was first published.  She found me online, and we were drawn to 
each other's free form work, back in my early days of quilting!    This past Quilt market, we were in the same C&T publishing School House presentation of our NEW books!

Rayna's newest book encourages you even further to cut and play with abandon!  

(JUST A QUICK NOTE you all know I moved my blog to vfwquilts.com right?)

She says:

·    YOU can make a totally original modern quilt without a pattern. 
-  Start with a simple shape (square or rectangle) and discover infinite variations by asking yourself “what if?” and experimenting.
·    If your “what if?” doesn’t work out, it will give you an idea for something else.
·    You can’t make a mistake – follow your instincts and interpret the modern aesthetic your own way. 

I asked Rayna what her favorite part of the Quilting journey she loved best:  We are kind of the same this way! She says:

I'm a "process" person, so the best part of creating is playing, experimenting, and finally -- seeing how the colors, values, and shapes come together into a unified whole.

Ha - I do this because I can't NOT do it.  You might as well ask me to stop breathing!

How many of you relate to that? ;-)  I sure do.

So, be sure to follow along with the Blog tour, I will be giving away an EBOOK, contest  ending Dec 8th.

Want a chance to win a copy? 
 Leave a comment here  or at my website blog vfwquilts.com about what YOU love about the Quilting Journey!

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  1. What I love about the quilting journey is that it can be as unique a journey as the individual doing the traveling. No two people have to follow the same path. It is all about self expression.

  2. I love that it's quiet, creative and after some time, you have a handmade item to gift away!

  3. I am a process person also. I love playing the "what if" game as I work. I love the quilting journey for its vast range of possibilities.

  4. Thanks for your giveaway Victoria! Try my luck for a third win. ;-) I must admit that my favorite part of the quilting journey is quilting (longarm) and binding. I do prefer improv piecing as I tire easily of making same blocks over and over.

  5. I also love the creative process. What will I make? What color? How big? For whom?
    It is such a personal and peaceful journey.

  6. I tend to be a pattern follower and am trying to break that habit to become more creative and inventive.

  7. I love how it reflects my changes and yet inspires them.

  8. I love that I improve and learn with each quilt..I enjoy everything about the whole process.

  9. I love that there is truly an ENDLESS number of color and shape combinations open to quiltmakers. The sky is the limit and there is always something NEW under the sun to construct!

  10. I love the part when the quilt becomes a loved one's "blankie"!

  11. Designing quilts (improv) gives me the excuse to play with color, that's what I love.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  12. I love the idea that whatever happens it's not wrong. It's just a new design element. Can't wait to see Rayna's new book.

  13. I *love* that quilting is such a deep subject -- no matter how much you learn, there is still so much more. And I love that it uses so many different skills, from art to engineering!

  14. I love most aspects of creating quilts. High on my list is playing with color, shapes and designs.

  15. I love the design process the best. Starting with a group and fabrics and discovering what we can do together.

  16. I'm a process person too - but I especially love the magic moment when a quilt has been quilted and trimmed and suddenly three different layers have become one three dimensional object.

  17. Like Denise, I love seeing the progress I make with each quilt. I like to challenge myself, learn, and grow.

  18. I love that I'm not following a traditional quilting path. Most traditional quilters don't quite know what to think of me, but that adds to the fun of it. I do what I like and I like what I do (mostly). My biggest problem is following directions. I'm working on that by participating in mystery quilts where you have to follow along step by step. But somehow they still get my individual mark somehow.

    1. Miss Jean, you are the winner of Rayna's book! I'll be emailing you shortly! Congrats!!

  19. I love the journey. Often I start out with an idea but the fabric speaks another language and I end up going another way. I love being in that zen moment and letting things happen but you have to be open to it. IF you force it sometimes you end up with nothing.

  20. I love almost all parts of the quilting journey --- probably the "thinking" part the most. Finding inspiration and how to turn it into a quilt.

  21. I love that I can create something entirely new, unique, beautiful, and useful, from scraps or pieces of fabric which were previously just sitting there in a pile. It seems almost magical to me.

  22. I love the design process.... trying this, trying that, wallowing in color! I enjoy Rayna's work and have one of her books - thanks for a chance to win this one!


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