Monday, July 17, 2017

Midwestern girls.


We (Beatrice and I and 12 fabulous quilters) had a load of fun at Woodland Ridge Retreat center, in Menominee, WI! Five glorious days of cutting and throwing fabric around, making Double Wedding Ring Quilts!

If you visit my Instagram or Facebook Business page account, you will see many of the quilts in the works! Kind of tricky adding 12 images here...

I'm now on vacation for a few days, before driving up the Wisconsin Quilt Museum to see the IN Death Exhibit that I am a part of.  I hope to see some of you next year at the Woodland Ridge Retreat again, for DWR's!  The class is already full, but I will be back, I really did love this place. Great food, super comfortable, small class sizes! Watch the video about...


Now I'm back in Wabasha, visiting my aunt, mother, and cousins, and teaching Beatrice to be a good tom girl, like I was as a kid... bike riding, four wheelers, target practice, boating, taxidermy... the works... It's really nice to be hanging out here again...

One fun moment was meeting my Cousin's High school Art Teacher, who is, of course....
Annette, was so kind too let us in to her home, (one of favorite homes on the river since I was a little kid) What a joy to find out a quilter lives there, and that she enjoys travel and quilting as much as I do.  It was super nice to visit with her.

Busy days being lazy! I had to sneak off to take a nap, and well, now I'm ready for round two!
Mini golf?  Bike ride?  Ice cream?  Stitching at the eagles next coffee house?  

All of the above!


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