Sunday, June 11, 2017

Home again, from Lincoln, NE!

I'm just back from a Lincoln Nebraska, to the International Quilt Study Center & Museum
where I am on the Advisory board. It was our yearly meeting, and always a huge treat to get to spend time at QuiltHouse!  

Currently, Bill Volckening is having a exhibit of some of his Double knit polyester quilts... 
We both collect, he has more. ;-)  We have a huge fondness for these quilts...Here isa flash back on an article on the two of us, My Double knit twin. ;-)


Reunited!  Sort of. ;-)

We get a peak at many new acquisitions when we are there... Here is a new Hawaiian quilt they now have. it's always fun to see what new quilts are now part of the collection.

Another beauty....

Geeta Kandlewhal is also in the board with us, and it was inspiring to hear her talk about this quilt she made on the Ghandi.  She is n amazing quilt Artist and collector from Mumbai, India. Greta is the author of Godharis of Maharashtra. She told a very moving story about this quilt.

Thank you Geeta for my pin cushion.  *wink!

I'll share more pictures this week! Happy to be home!

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  1. I remember my grandmother, who was in Tennessee at the time, telling my mother, who lived in Texas, she bought a quilt for her. Mom was so excited. When we visited on vacation, my grandmother pulled out this huge quilt - king size. And made entirely of polyester! It was like every yard of rejected polyester went into this quilt. I don't know what happened to it, but I am sure it still lives somewhere. You can't kill polyester.


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