Monday, May 29, 2017

Green & Red is in the house

If you've been following my blog for a while ,you will know this fact about me...
I LOVE  GREEN & RED together!
Need proof?  Here's a small smattering of the 5-10 green & red quilts I make each year!

I love subtle Holiday fabrics, Fabrics that read Green & Red. So they can be red & green without being  overly "Christmas-y."  ...Although I do love me some Santa and reindeer fabrics too, who am I kidding? Need more proof?  Click here.

But in general, I love the combo of colors.  I also love vintage quilts and red, green and yellow here hugely popular back in the day, so this can work both ways... Modern vintage!

This wreath print can be used as a WHOLE cloth panel, or chop it up to make some amazing designs! Below using my Snack set template #6 from the variety pack to make this cute block! ( BTW: Snack Set Sew-a-long at Facebook! Come play along!)

....Or as a whole cloth,  adding the scalloped borders around and a little applique to make a sweet tree skirt, or table top quilt, or Large Four block quilt!  All NEW products are here.

...And you know I love a great polka dot!  This linen colored with white dot, ( it is cotton, not linen) also comes in red! It looks great all cut up, or as a backing!

All of these beauties are now in the webshop and in the VFW quilts NYC store.  

And... If you are following me on INSTAGRAM, you can pop over there to enter my Green & RED Giveaway! ( at Instagram ONLY)


  1. Love those dots in the snack set! I made one block from SS#7, now I need to make #6!

  2. So funny that you posted this today. Last night we watched a re run of Home Alone, this is a movie for you. Besides the wonderful slapstick humour, the whole house was so colour blocked in red and green , even the kitchen! Have a watch and a laugh and enjoy the red and green Christmas spectacle. Shelley


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