Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A lot of "Snacking" going on!

Alejandra's are fabulously scrappy!
There is a lot of SNACKING going on over at the FACEBOOK Snack set Sew-a-long group page!  Here's a few of the goodies that appeared this week. Buy your SNACK SETS HERE

By the way, Sue Staum won the Variety pack from the giveaway! Congrats Sue!

The Studio has been humming along getting last minute finishes made for Spring Quilt Market which is the end of next week, but next Monday I am going on retreat with my pals, so I have to be done this week!  I can tall you, CHRISTMAS QUILTS are being made with my GREEN & RED line due in the store end of May, and  a sneak peak of my line after that!    ALSO, my next three NEW SIZZIX dies have been revealed already if you didn't see the video a couple posts below...
This past week, I've been adding all my Sizzix dies to my website, so if you are looking for them, they will be there shortly... The newest ones will not be available until June...

Marilyn's look amazing in my MOSTLY MANOR fabrics!

I'm loving seeing how other SNACK set blocks are turning out!! Come join in the fun!!


Lorena's are super cute with that stripe!


  1. All of them are wonderful, since I love scrappy anything. And the ones with the stripes! I'm in love with those! Go Lorena! Can't wait to find some time to get started on mine. They may have to wait until Market is over . . . or maybe at the retreat?

  2. I'm crazy about Lorena's striped blocks. I realized I have a lot of striped Christmas fabrics. So, I first thought of bluecand white for snacking, then switched my thoughts to pink and brown. Now thinking Christmas fabrics. Hy the time my birthday rolls around in June, who kjows what I'll be thinking?! ;-)


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