Sunday, March 12, 2017

Star Storm is blowing Through!

My Harley T-shirt STAR STORM quilt is soon to be quilted! Thanks Shelly! ;-)

 Star storm pattern or KITS are available at 

I've been seeing many people finishing there Star Storm quilts! They are so fun to see!! I leo all the different color ways folks are making my quilt in! Have you mad one yet? Send me pictures! or tag me on instagram  #starstormquilt  #vfwquilts @victoriafindlaywolfe

Uniqueandnovel has a beautiful beach version made!

 The Bootscootinquilter is in a roll! TWO STAR STORM quilts done!
encoded studio has a great palette of color! ...and some gold and white manor stripe! That gold and white stripe looks amazing in almost any quilt!

Happiness is Quilting... Shop in Texas sample!

Material Obsession in Sydney, AU! Helen made hers!

 Speaking of STARS!!  My THUNDER STRUCK class has been producing a huge amount of really awesome star quilts!!  Here's a shot of the student work from QuiltCon!  This pattern is also available at my website.

We have a big storm heading our way this week. I am hoping it and the following storm do not mess with my trip to Japan on Saturday!!  Yep! Back to Japan!  Family time! 



  1. I bought the Star Storm pattern when I visited your store in January. But there's no telling when I'll actually get around to using it. So many Works In Progress already!

  2. Star Storm pattern is fabulous, look at all those beautiful stars!


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