Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Marcus Mug Shots!


Hey all you quilter friends looking for a fun easy challenge!!
Use at least ONE Marcus or Studio 37 fabric or more... to make a small MUG rug no larger than 9" on any side.
(I know this gal, she designs for Marcus, I think her name is Virginia Wolfe.... Wait that's not right...
hahaha!  Do you ahve any idea how often I get that? seriously, Google it... TRUE FACT!
I like to tell people I am the one that's alive... besides correcting them that my name is actually VICTORIA, not VIRGINIA.

You think I'm kidding?
Just in case they didn't have it quite right, they included Virginia and Victoria....

hehehehehehheehehe!  Hilarious.

It seemed I should show you my Mug Rug in action... I do tend to make tea then forget about it, and leave tea cups all around my studio... So this is an accurate picture... I'm sure I'm not alone in this tea cup game...  

But you can't  see how stinkin' cute my mug rug is, so.... Here's my MUG and MY MUGRUG!  ;-)

Whether you're already a fan of the Mugrug, or aren't even sure what one is, you'll want to enter the Marcus Makers MUGRUG CHALLENGE!  Help us to achieve our lofty goal of "A Marcus Rug for Every Mug,"  now thru April 30, 2017 -- here's how...
Follow the various inspirations we've gathered from our own Marcus Makers (instructions for these mugrugs are available online!)
Then, post your entry on Instagram using #MarcusMugshot

and remember to tag your photo 
@marcusfabrics and/or @studio37fabrics

and me, if you use my fabric!  @victoriafindlaywolfe

Instagram tip:
Did you know TAGGING the photo( not just in description)  helps people see where they've been tagged?  Tag you photo, don't just do @whomever  in the description... tag the photo @victoriafindlaywolfe then it shows in my notifications... I miss people's hashtags and @ images all the time, as I can't find them in that long silly list instagram gives you... And I have to go search to see who's tagged me...  So tag your photo and help everyone!  
If you're new to mugrugs, be warned:  mugrug making can be addictive, which is really not a problem, because they make great gifts, AND you can enter as many times as you like (one mugrug per photo, please).  Each Tuesday during the Challenge, we'll choose random winners from the hashtagged entries to receive exciting fabric prizes and more -- Join us!!

...in layman's terms...

WIN FABRIC by using up a tiny amount of 

MARCUS or Studio 37 fabric!


need inspiration, check out he submissions already at instagram #marcusmugshot
or click  here.
and my Snack sets or Variety pack templates would be PERFECT FOR THIS!!

and if you need more MARCUS fabric, remember, VICTORIA has MARCUS FABRIC.

I used fabrics from my newest line of fabric called, "LIGHT WORK"... Blur plaid, Vivid, birdsong, and dapple.


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