Saturday, March 4, 2017

Home again, a fresh start

I'm Home!  That was a long trip, doing QuiltCon, Savannah, GA, and Empty Spools Seminars, in Pacifc Grove, California at the same time!  But it was a very successful trip...More on that a bit later...

I came home filled with ideas!
I have several customer commission quilts to make, so I jumped right in...
Today, as we ( as a family)  all sit around in our living room, lounging, and enjoying a lazy Saturday, I began a very special quilt for a very special little girl who passed away.  
The family gave me all her PJ's to turn into a beautiful quilt.  I thought long an hard on what I thought it should be. I have some thoughts, and I'm gathering from a beautiful book from the family that shared her small life's journey, from beginning to end.  I am super touched that they would allow me to turn her life in to a beautiful quilt. I feel a load of love and power, by holding each of these fabrics...

 A butterfly will need to be included, no doubt...

To be continued....



  1. This IS a very special project, looking forward to your future posts. Blessings

  2. Wow this is like a ministry, so special. Peace.

  3. What a lovely commission to make! I made one for a good friend a couple of years ago. Her daughter died on a very young age as well. With the stories she told me in mind I carefully started cutting all the clothes. It turned out to be such a wonderful quilt to make! Here are some pictures of the quilt I was allowed to make

    Enjoy making this one Victoria!

  4. This is a journey in itself. May you be as blessed creating this quilt as the one you are making it for. I look forward to seeing this progress and also wondering if you use some stabilizer on those knits.

  5. Hope to see it when you finish

  6. Oh my, what a special project. I am sure your heart will guide you into making something spectacularly special.


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