Monday, January 16, 2017

Double Wedding Ring love!

I'm still in California until Tuesday... I'll be at Sizzix for the day, getting my new spring product videos done! It's so nice and warm!
I can't wait to get home so I can share the Quilt Show episode with Beatrice!  HeHe! See if you spot her in the show!
I hope you get to watch!

My Acrylic Double Wedding Ring Template Set is my greatest seller, and my favorite class to teach!  You will see my Color Play Quilt (behind my image above) made using my Full Melon Template that goes with the Double wedding Ring template set, concave square..

Those who love the Larger version, of Bright Lights Big City quilt, That has paper pieced points, I do have in my shop this Florid Blooms kit which comes with Mylar templates, (vs. paper templates in the book)  This kit for four Blooms is only $60!

The question I often get: 
No, I will not be doing a Acrylic template set,  of the Bright lights pattern, It is quite large, and pricey and the breakage on shipping on the long skinny parts, would not be cost effective for me or you... 

Jump in! Try a Double Wedding Ring!  They are so satisfying!

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  1. Hi Victoria - I love your work! I was wondering if you use a hoop when hand quilting your quilts. I know you like to add some hand quilting for embellishment. Thanks, Karen


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