Sunday, December 18, 2016

Holiday week!

It's been so nice to be home for this long stretch of time!!  I am getting so much done in the studio, it feels so good to start new projects!  

This quilt above, is a group quilt, made by myself, Kim and Laura, and beautifully quilted by Shelly Pagliai. It's called Fade to Purple, and it will be a pattern soon. (Stay tuned, we are all on Holiday until Jan 2nd)
This quilt was made using my Victory Block templates! Isn't it fun? We hit the solid scrap bin, and I played with the various shades of purple for a modern gradation of color and graphic punch.
I loved the play on positive and negative space with in a traditional pattern. We entered this quilt in QuiltCon 2017, and it was rejected.
Oh well.  No biggie, because you will see this quilt in out booth at QuiltCon!  We are vending, and I am teaching as well. In fact I am teaching aversion of this template set using improv! Go figure!

So why do I enter quilts if rejection is a part of it?  
(These are my personal feelings, take it or leave it...)
Big deal if it gets rejected! I can't take that stuff personally. 
Three people juror in quilts. (usually) That is three people's opinion, who are selecting quilts from a large pool, which has to be sifted through to put together a selection of quilts, that are not all the same, varied enough, and feel like a interesting group. Not everyone gets in. That's a part of the  process.

I enter my quilts into shows, not to win anything, but for the chance for the work to be seen.  
This can happen in many venues! QuiltCon is not the end all of your creative journey!  
Support your local quilt events, State and County fairs, local Art centers, local galleries & larger quilt shows! I suggest only submitting your VERY BEST WORK.  Some shows, allow you only two entries, some allow 3-4, some allow 10, (usually those that except more the 4, are so they can grow their FUNDS to support the show)

I never enter for examples 5 quilts in one show... 
Do I have 5 quilts that fit the criteria?  My money is best spent on quilts that fit criteria well.
Are they all my best work? Submitting best and less then best, can take away from your "best work" visually.

If I am entering things that I kind of "know" do not really fit the criteria, then I am only adding my dollars to the shows "funding," with my entry fees... and I should not be surprised if it does not get in...

I entered three quilts into QuiltCon. One I had a strong feeling about, (it got in) and another I am quite proud of its complex construction, (and it did not get it), and this group quilt, (Which did not get in.) One out of three... We all get rejects.

Getting rejections does not stop me from entering shows. It's not a personal affront to me. If they say no, I enter it elsewhere, (already have entered the others elsewhere) or not, I can post it here and have it seen, by all of you!

Why else do I enter? 
It pushes me creatively. 
My skills get better, when I focus on making a better made quilt, so that the quilt is the best I can do. 
It pushes me to think outside my own box. 
It forces me to grow, and hopefully inspire myself, or you, to try something new.

Lastly, I have more quilts to make to fill my creative desires!  I won't let one (or two, or more!) rejections stop me from submitting...

Final thoughts:
Be smart with your entry fees... 
Read the entry/category info carefully.
If you don't want to be judged, then enter it in the non-judged category so it can be seen! 

Because ultimately, we all want to OOH AND AHH one your beautiful work!

Just keep making!!! 

Because quilting is so fun!

See? Look at our smiling faces!

This is the fabulous VFW Quilts team! Kim, Crystal, myself and Laura.   You may have met them working in the VFW QUILT NYC store.  If not yet, come by and say hi!
Clearly we are all having fun! Laura is making a double wedding ring from the Meadow Storm line, Isn't it lovely?  Blue Perennial, Coral Misty, Mint sun shower dots, and a white on white...

Holiday STORE hours!
I am working the store all this week.  
So come on by to say Hi to me!
We are closed Dec 24th Through January 1st. We all need a break!


Monday through Thursday 
Dec 19 - Dec 22, 10 -1 pm
Dec 23rd, 12-6pm

CLOSED DEC 24th- January 1st.

Then we are back to our normal hours:
Monday through Thursday 10-1pm
Friday and Saturday 12-6pm

325 West 38th St, Suite 811.

Heads up:  January means LIGHT WORK will be in store! Most likely mid month... Stay tuned for new fabrics, and a few new template sets, patterns and thread!  
Be sure to get your fix of my Aurifil thread sets where are on sale!  Four spools are $30!!


  1. Reject or no, that is one beautiful quilt! I love the colors! Wendy at

  2. I like the purples. I think it is a stunning quilt. Keep on designing. Everybody likes different things. You need to satisfy yourself first.

  3. Definitely appreciate all you had to say about entering shows - thank you. And what a beautiful quilt! Folks will ooh and ahh over it in your booth for sure!

  4. Love this new quilt, even if the jurors didn't! Seasons greetings to you all.


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