Saturday, November 12, 2016

Various Highlights of Quilt Festival

One of the best things about writing a book, is getting feedback from people who have been inspired by the work I've poured my heart into.  It's kind of like when you go to guild meeting, you stand up for show and tell and people come up to you afterward and say, "Hey, I like what you do!"
...And from that you find your community of peers.

Isn't that what we love about our guild meetings? Finding our community of people?    (So this is your friendly reminder, to go to your guild meetings, stand up and show your work, and the people who love what you do will come to you. If you sit in the back and never stand up, you may not find your way among a new group... Take a risk, stand up and be proud of your work! You are all artists!)

At Quilt Festival, as I was was shopping the aisles, I was stopped by Katherine who said she had been inspired by my Summer's Day Quilt. ( above in orange, shown with my grandmother's quilt which was my inspiration)  I am so honored that Katherine found her inspiration in my work, and then took it to tell HER story!
She did an amazing job of looking at the "bones" of my quilt, and filling in the story with her African fabrics. It's so gorgeous!  This made my whole day, probably my whole year.

It's an honor to me, to hear when you've been inspired by my work. It is not a "negative" to say where your inspiration came from. Having the feedback makes me want to keep creating, as I feel connected to you all. You are my people...

Katherine wrote about her work:

I enjoyed meeting you in Houston and I want to thank-you for your kind words an encouragement.  I've attached the photo of the quilt I show you that was inspired by "A Summers Day" in your book. It's entitled "Mother" and the center represents the mother of mankind from the cradle of humanity.

I have cut out "Greatest :Possible Trust" in purples and African batiks which I plan to finish next year.  When I do, I'll make sure to send you a picture.  Thanks again for the inspiration.

I am inspired by you when you make versions of my quilts.  I am also encouraged when you comment on blog posts, fb or instagram...  
Please email your photos, It is what makes this community so special.  

Thank you Katherine for stopping me to say hi.  It makes all the long hours I do, worth it.

Thank you so much!

Currently on display in at:

325 West 38th St Suite 811
Mon-Thor  10-1pm
Friday and Saturday 12-6pm

 My Remembering Christmas Past Quilt is now hanging in the store. Come by and say hi! We have many quilts for  you to see a mini trunk show when you do!  If I'm not in the store, you can always ask if I'm near by... I can pop over if I'm in town.. my staff can text me.

And also on view, is my No Two Alike Quilt!  Feel free to ask us for demo's on any templates, We are always happy to share you the tips and tricks!  ( Like using our full melon to make PUMPKINS!!)

I'm off to get the store ready! I am working today! Stop by and say hi!


  1. I have been a long term blog follower. I was delighted and impressed with your ability and priority in connecting with your 'fans'. A million years ago, at SLC, you agreed to meet up with a complete stranger at Market. We had lunch. Heard your backstory. Had a great meal and a thousand laughs. I will always be your fan. Not at all surprised by Katherine's story. Thanks Victoria Findlay Wolfe for being both creative and real.

  2. Victoria, this is just beautiful. Thank you so much for this blog message from your heart. I have sometimes felt guilty, taking inspiration from others and wondering if it's OK to "copy" - even though it's not a copy. I love how you explain this as a give and take, a common sharing. BEAUTIFUL thoughts.

  3. What a wonderful story you share. No two alike is a lovely quilt. If I am ever in NYC I'll make sure to visit the store.

  4. Oh, how fantastic is Katherine's quilt! And now she has given me more inspiration to do something with my collection of African fabrics.

  5. Hi Victoria, thank you for sharing! I think I learn 90% of my quilting from the local quilt guild. I learned to sew at a young age, but "real" quilting began 12 years ago using modern techniques.


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