Friday, November 18, 2016

Rocking the T-shirt quilt

I've been slowly building my Harley T-Shirt Quilt.  I love that T-shirt quilt shave such a Stigma attached them as being sometimes goofy, but this is proof you can do Amazing Quilts with them! CUT THEM UP!

I'm using my STAR STORM PATTERN for this quilt.

Holiday Hours at the STORE:
 We are open on Wednesday 10-1 Nov 23rd.
Closed Thanksgiving.
Open Friday 25th and Saturday 26th,  12-6

CHRISTMAS.  We are closed 24th - Jan. 1st.

Be sure to Slip your holiday wish list items  to you family!


  1. that T shirt is roaring..... and I look to see many more T shirt quilts that are not squares but cut up designs as folks realize it is cool to design with T-shirts. Also to have the memories of many travels in one quilt is sort of like having an album quilt of family signatures! Happy Thanksgiving

  2. V...Which SIZZIX do I ask for for Christmas? I want a 'cutter' but when I look at the SIZZIX site and/or the ads it seems like the majority are for paper cutting. Do they all do everything and it just depends which dies you want to use? Thanks for any help you can give!!!

    1. No they all cut fabric. I can send you a catalog.. and perhaps a phone conversation? It's a lot of info to write out, but really not difficult to explain. Call you Monday?
      Thee are three different sizes.
      Big shot
      Big shot plus
      The big shot pro.

  3. That's the coolest T-shirt quilt I've ever seen.


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