Thursday, October 20, 2016

Splendid Sampler Block: Full Circle Star!

Splendid Sampler DAY!
Finally my day has come!
Thanks Pat & Jane for putting together a super fun Splendid Sampler Project!

You may know me for making an obscene amount for Double Wedding Ring quilts.
Well, surprise!
I didn't make you do a MINI double wedding ring block!  Aren't you happy?  hehe. ;-)

But I do like the idea of FULL Circle stitching! So I threw in some Appliqué Polka Dots, because I do LOVE polka dots almost as much as I love Double Wedding Rings.  And STARS?  Well, That is indeed a second obsession of mine... I LOVE STARS!!!   So, putting a bit of everything I love into one block, is how you get:


There are multiple ways to do appliqué, I suggest you do what suits you. 

Go to the Splendid sampler blog for your pattern and info.

If you are new to appliqué, cutting the paper templates and basting the fabric around the shape or washable glue, sticking the edges over is probably best for you.
I tend to do a mixture of both. I like the circle template for making cute, tiny circles... other times I like the back basting technique...  (picking out the basting stitch that I show in the video, and following the holes of your basting to needle-turn your seam allowances under a few stitches at a time...)

Cut out your circle paper template. Cut out your fabric with your 1/4" seam allowance around the circle...
Next, with a knotted thread,  run a basting stitch evenly around the ouster edge, insert your paper template, and draw up the thread to gather the fabric around the circle paper template...

Then you can give it a press, find your center of the square by folding each way, place your small "dot" in is center, and appliqué it to the background.

I can use the my shapes as templates for the half curves as well.  I cut my fabric larger, than snip around the curve slightly, so I can run a washable glue stick around the paper edge, and turn the raw edges under... and appliqué into place.

Once you have appliqued your pieces on the Squares, you can go ahead and assemble your block according to the instructions at the pattern.
POP on over to the Splendid sampler blog for more details!

Just to share how much I love STARS....

My Newest most requested pattern since
 QuiltCon is NOW AVAILABLE!!!

 This is one fun quilt to make. LARGE pattern pieces make up this 80" X 80" STAR STORM quilt.

My earlier version, below, Just ribboned at MQX!

This is the same pattern as the new quilt, just different colors u sing my Mostly Manor quilt!  This quilt, just last night, was awarded a JUDGES CHOICE RIBBON at MQX Springfield!  YAY!!!
 I'm making a third version of this quilt now, wait until you see my fabric choices...  hehe... more on that later...

I'm so happy to get this pattern out...  It's been quite a journey...
You know what?  Next time I get my photo taken, I'm going to look over my shoulder, it seems 
FLAT VICTORIA and KIM are up to no good!  hahahaha...  I see what  you did there, KIM!


  1. Thank you for being part of our great adventure!!

  2. I have followed you for several years and am so excited that you have a block in this quilt along! My daughter currently lives in NYC. I am putting your shop on my list of "must go see " things to do when I go visit my daughter and new grandson!

  3. Looks amazing! Congrats to your great pattern! I look forward to see your third version. I also love your splendid sampler block very much! Thanks for all your work!

  4. As luck would have it I recently saw you on Quilting Arts and now on Splendid Sampler. In 2015 I saw you on Sewing with Nancy making the Double Wedding Ring. Wow! Impressed with your quilting lessons am I. Love your work and encouraging words for us quilters to keep trying to make the best of our quilting mistakes. Much success I wish you.

  5. Oh, I'm loving this pattern of yours. Is this foundation paper pieced? If not, could it be? I think I want to try it. I'm a big fan of pink and red, so I'm loving that version the most. ;D

  6. Hi Victoria, I took a picture of your quilt today at MQX, love it!!

  7. I love your Splendid block! Thank goodness you are full of surprises; I viewed your Quilting By the Lake classes and wondered how you might make one of those so small! I am very excited to get started on your block as soon as I can. I feel so lucky to have met you in Syracuse! I love your fabrics!


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