Sunday, September 18, 2016

PA Mancuso Show!

Int B, by Beatrice Findlay

Getting a Facebook message from my friend Bobbi, saying: "A lot to be proud of, Mom." Caught my eye, when the message came into my phone...    Quilts were hung for the Mancuso PA show.

When I opened the message, I found the image above of Beatrice's "Your Personal App" quilt!  

Yes, My daughter who says she is not a quilter, has made a few quilts in her day. (you saw I got her into EPP this summer? hehe score!)  I have to say, I've taught her the basics of using a sewing machine, but not much more...  She has always had a go-getter-I'll-do-it-myself, kind of personality, and I've always let her.  I don't push her to do my thing, I want her to do her thing.  When  I was asked to make my own "personal App quilt" they said, "Do you think Beatrice would make one?"  I said, "Ha!, I doubt it. "

She proved me wrong!  When I said the quilts would be a traveling exhibit, she said, yes!  
So, yes, Bobbie, I am so very proud of her.  

The challenge was to make a quilt that represented "you." What would that app look like?   Above you can guess what my daughter is into... Coding.  This was made, two years ago, now I think? Cant' real exactly, but her interests are the same.   She's a girl on her own mission.  Gosh, I do I love that. So Proud!

Spotted Joy, Victoria Findlay Wolfe, pieced, appliqué and hand quilted

Here's Mine. "Spotted Joy" ....Double wedding Rings, Polka dots... Go figure!  haha!
I'm one say read.  ;-)

Farm Girl, Victoria Findlay Wolfe, Quilted by Karen McTavish

My "Farm Girl" quilt, ( quilted by Karen McTavish) which won Best Machine work at the World Quilt Show, will be at several of the Mancuso upcoming shows.    

OH, and also I heard that one of my newest quilts, "Cascade" was hurried into  the Mancuso QuiltFest Oasis Show in Palm Springs! You have not seen that quilt yet... I will wait for another day to share that quilt.  So if you get a chance to visit the upcoming shows, take a picture for me!

Friend and awesome quilters, Sarah Bond, Also had a coupe quilts at the PA show.  Her quilt above, was made using all of my Mostly Manor fabric line!(available in my webshop)  Isn't it stunning?  I was lucky enough to have her come to my studio one day, and she worked on it, in my studio... It's so pretty, I almost did not let her leave with it... Way to go Sarah!. You rock!

Now what can you do with Meadow Storm?  
The challenge is set!  hehe!

Instagram @slbphilly.

Thank you Bobbi, for sharing the photos with me!  I'm sorry I am missing the shows! 

*We spent a lovely weekend at our home on long Island, so, we are all OK, after last nights NYC explosion... Thanks to those who asked.


  1. Sarah's quilt is stunning. I think that I need to order more of your fabric. And like it or not ( of course, you like it), you have spawned a quilter in Beatrice. No escaping it now!

  2. Thank you, you also included a photo of my Personal App with my painted Tennis shoes on the Path. Nice to know these are still traveling to Exhibitions. Fun to participate!

  3. I'm not a coder so I don't understand Beatrice's app, but it seems cool! A also don't understand, at all, what you mean by saying that you were lucky enough to have Sarah Bond's "commode rot [your] studio one day"?

  4. I'm already scheming with Meadow Storm! I should have some time, now, to play around with it!

  5. Thanks for the update. I hopped on and saw the 'older' post but took the TIME to read the whole thing...glad you and your family are safe and unharmed. Another friend lives right across the street in Chelsea and is also fine. GOD BLESS NEW YORKERS! You guys are great!

  6. Congratulations to Beatrice!! How exciting and such a cool quilt. Sarah's quilt is stunning. Glad you're all ok.


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