Sunday, August 7, 2016

Retreat wrap up!

What a great three days I had! The annual VFW NYC Quilting Retreat was so much fun!  (singing up for my newsletter gets you info on my home classes) Eight ladies from all over the U.S. And Canada, came to sew in my home to learn Double wedding rings, eat ice cream, and laugh!
A good time was had by all!  

Fabric was flying, that is for sure! In my Instagram account (victoriafindlaywolfe) you can see, a time-lapse from set up to take down of my full apartment...Kind of fun! 

Above, Sarah is finishing up a quilt she started last year in my class at The Madeline Island School of Art. (Old post here)  She's very near completing it! She is just dropping in the background (see up at very top photo) on her version of my Iris by Night quilt, found in my book Double Wedding Rings, Traditions Made Modern. (Shot of it below) 

Mary is making a Halloween version of my Bright Lights Big City quilt! 
Mary also brought along her other quilt she also made last year at my MISA class. (Below) 

Mary's version of my Greatest Possible Trust quilt. Love the Saturation of color! Quilted by Frank Palmer. 

Karen's version of my Double Edged Love! She included a piece of double wedding ring quilt that had been made by a past family member.  Not much of that family quilt was left, so she incorporated it into her design, and it set the color palette for her quilt. So precious! 

See the little wedge from the old quilt incorporated into the block?  So sweet. A lovely way to hold onto the last fragments of a cherished quilt. 

Lori had some lovely Marcia Derse fabrics and a bold pile of black and whites with pops of lovely color!  I love how the colors pop and highlight the scrappy parts. It puts control and resting places for your eye inside this beautiful quilt. I must say, I had some stash envy. Loved her fabrics! 

Irene was playing with the paper piecing points with my Bright Lights Big City Pattern! Orange!!! ❤️
We talked about playing with the shapes to incorporate all her lovely fabrics, and making a parts department. It's looking so luscious! Love it! 

More to come on the retreat wrap up!
Enjoy your Sunday! 



  1. Giving me ideas for your September class in Paducah. I love them all. I have gathered bags of scraps from friends, have a box of scraps of my own, a bolt of cheddar fabric, Halloween and Day of the Dead new fabric, stuff from a New Mexico trip some years back, your DWR book and templates ..... have I forgotten anything?

  2. Lovely double wedding ring projects. Must have been a lot of fun with all the ladies!

  3. WOW! loved seeing everyones work! Really lovely. Thank you for sharing. Best wishes to all.


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