Tuesday, August 16, 2016



I get  a lot of emails from people who have made quilts inspired by my work, I just love that!
 I love seeing how you take 15 minutes of Play and turn them into your own creations!
Here are a few examples of people who found inspiration and turned it into their own unique quilts.
Joella was inspired by My Mary quilt in 15 Minutes of Play. 

Pat in Au.
I do love my star quilts...and some made fabric all 15 Minutes of PLAY!
I love what patty did with her inspiration.

Linda K
Was inspired by a star quilt I also made with Mostly Manor, and totally made it over own design! 
So fun! Change it up, make your own quilts...have fun exploring the pattern!

Susan W.
Made this beautiful Strings of Florid Blooms quilt in grey, yellow and black from my Double Wedding Ring book.

Tricia made a version of a block from my 15 minutes of Play book, and turned it into a unique version of her work. Love that play on negative space.


  1. Joella's quilt is fabulous!
    All the quilts are beautiful, thanks for sharing.


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