Saturday, July 9, 2016

WIP (work in progress)

 I'm making some class samples for the Bright Lights Big City Quilt class I'm teaching at Quilting by the Lake July 18-25... I just got in my sample yardage of Meadow Storm, (which is coming out in early sept to your local quilt shops!) I thought I'd make a few pieces... And then... 

Making pairings were just so fun and stinking cute that I made more.... 

And a few more....

And well....

If I've come this far...

I might as well go to the full version... 

This is my original Bright Lights, Big City quilt. The pattern is in my book, Double Wedding Rings, Traditions Made Modern available in my website shop. (autographed!)

Don't forget until Juky 12th, get $10 off your order of $40 or more! Enter: Summer Fun at checkout, (below your total) 

Fabric, Templates & Patterns, books galore! 

I'm iff to finish my 90" x 90" class sample 


  1. I can hardly wait til I can get my hands of this line of fabric! I am loving all you posts using it. Remember the two little girls you took photos of at Hip Stitch when you were here in Albuquerque? Well they showed up in the PBS Writers Workshop I presented in this morning. Small world. I was able to share origami with them, writing tips and sewing stories.

  2. Excuse the typos please...sometimes I get so excited in my response...typos appear :)

  3. Which templates are needed for Bright Lights, Big City quilt?
    Beautiful quilt!!

  4. Loving them!! Do you think it's a bit small as a class sample?? (Hee, hee!!)

  5. I noticed your typo- 'don't forget until Juky 12th,' Maybe thinking of getting work done on that Juki!?
    Great class sample and fabric designs.

  6. Right! Love that new line of yours!

  7. Definately have the release date of your fabric line on my calendar love it!

  8. Definately have the release date of your fabric line on my calendar love it!


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