Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Lounging with the lights out

We had a power outage on Saturday which took us outside to enjoy the last bit of sunlight. What's a quilter to do, except sit and do handwork!  I pulled out some of my Sizzix dies and prepped some pieces for English Paper Piecing, using the Sizzix Honeycomb & Square die. It's wonderfully quick, as I can cut the paper pieces and the fabric pieces all on one die!  

Here's my very first EPP! Yes! I have not spent anytime with EPP. I do love traditional hand patchwork, so I always thought, why bother.   Time usually was my issue that held me back. So, to be speedy, I used my washable glue stick to gold the fabric around each little piece.  That definitely is my speed!  Hand basting with thread takes to long, for me. 

I prepared one for the 4th of July, but didn't get around to stitching it. Looks nice though, right?  Ha!

Well, my darling daughter saw me doing the prep work. (Who swears she is not a quilter)   
Ah, see below her summer project for #quiltsforpulse #proudmama

She said, I'll help do that! That looks like fun!  So guess who is making this block below, right now? 

Ha! I snuck a photo for proof. I guess she's a quilter after all! Plus, her EPP block is nearly done! As is her quilt top below.  Can you see me proudly grinning? Yep, kind of hard to wipe the happy smile off my face. 


  1. Hope Beatrice becomes addicted to quilting, she's doing a great job!


  2. How fun! I love Beatrice's quilt. I have been slowly trying to reeling my granddaughter in too! We all need partners in crime at home!

  3. Every time I see another quilter doing Hearts for Pulse it makes my heart swell with pride. This project is pulling in so many new sewists.

  4. It will be so interesting to see whether Beatrice becomes a quilter in the long run. But she's definitely picked up some skills along the way! How could she not! Ultimately, it may just be a matter of what else she happens upon, whether she becomes hooked, but it's nice that she clearly has the inclination. Good luck!

  5. Ha Ha! I bet you were pleased! I really like the Patriotic block!

  6. Expanding her skills and her heart all at the same time. Good job Miss B and Mom!


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