Sunday, June 19, 2016


I had so much fun in Albuquerque!! The ABQ Modern Guild had me down for three workshops, Booksigning and lecture evening, and we had a blast!! What a fun group! 

I could not resist sharing these two darling sisters, who were taking there purchases very seriously. I'm
pretty sure I look just like the wee one above, when I'm contemplating my choices too. 

I had so many fun moments and laughs with these gals.  Enjoy having a look at some of the work being done. I look forward to seeing there final finishes!!  A lot of great talent in the workshops! 

I even was taken up the mountain, for a beautiful sunset moment.  A perfect end to a perfect week!  

Looking forward to being home for a bit! 
Bring on summer!! 


  1. I was at your dinner and 15 minutes of play talk and really enjoyed it. Got a few inspiring ideas.........I had been contemplating cutting the improv quilt I made apart and now know that is likely the best choice of what to do with it. I also loved your polyester quilts. I have one from my husbands aunt and it is stunning but just a top........I need to finish it.

  2. I was at that store, for a few minutes, back in May. It was a fun store. I hadn't been in Albuquerque in many years. I used to go all the time, since my great grandmother lived there, and also my great aunt.

  3. I met these little ladies at a PBS Writers Workshop I did this morning. So serendipitous!


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