Saturday, April 9, 2016

Hudson River Valley Workshops

Summer of Stars: Victoria Findlay Wolfe

Come sign up to PLAY!
Lemoyne Star Through Play

Nov. 30 - Dec. 4, 2016

Level: All Levels

3-Day Workshop

I'm super excited to be teaching this December at the Hudson River Valley Workshops! I have had many friends teach there, and many students, who always say, "Are you teaching there? It's LOVELY there!"

So I wanted to share with you a bit about the class I will be teaching... I did this class a couple years ago at QBL, and my Student's KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK!

Lemoyne Star Through Play

We go over how I design quilts, what PLAY is, How I work, and I share many secrets to taking on Improv!   Below you can see samples of the students works, who in three days, produced, 1-3 quilt tops!  These are Fast, Fun, and with a few quick tips, your skills will Jump into next week!  So come play along! Keep your options open! Bring leftover blocks, and tons of fabrics to play with, and a  creative head space ready to play!

Barn Star, Victoria Findlay Wolfe

J Rock Star, Victoria Findlay Wolfe

Come sign up to PLAY!
Lemoyne Star Through Play


  1. Great stars here - sounds like a wonderful class - pity I don't live in the USA!

  2. Summer of Stars is an awesome looking quilt! Very tempting. But I haven't put another stitch in the quilt I started at QuiltCon, too many other works in progress! Gotta get some finishes in before I start any more major projects. As tempting as it is. Unlike you, I don't sew 12 hours a day, except when I'm away at retreat.


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