Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Hello from AU!

I stopped by Sydney, on my way over to Melbourne for a few days to adjust to jet lag! I got to see a few friends... Isn't it wonderful that as a quilter, you can go anywhere and make friends with other quilters!

 Lorena (In green), was so wonderful to pick me up and give me a pillow to rest my weary head. She was on her way into Material Obsession to teach so I popped along.... She was teaching the wonderful Chuck Nohara quilt and everyone's blocks were looking amazing.

SO fun to see these gals! Wendy Williams, and Kathy Doughty, at Material Obsession. You may tell we had waaaay to much fun...

 Robyn happened to stop in with a quilt she is making using my Manor Stripes! LOVE IT!!!

 A wee nap, and some quilt love, and goofiness....

Got to enjoy a bit of the Sydney harbor views and beaches....  
It was a lovely way to acclimate to the time difference... Even though I am still falling asleep at 8:30pm and waking up at 3am.... By the time I get adjusted, it will be time go home!

It was great to be lazy, and enjoy Sydney for a few days. I feel I've been away for ages!!

And now, I'm in Melbourne!  Never been! So I'm happy to be walking around checking out this city! Looking forward to seeing many more Quilt Friends from this area, here a the Royal Exhibition Hall for AQC!

See SOME of you, very soon!


  1. Sydney with the sunshine and great company must have been a real treat! Enjoy AQC!

  2. And what a time to arrive in Melbourne - we're turning on the Melbourne Autumn weather for you! Looks like you had a great time in Sydney. (Those MO girls are just craaaazy!!)

  3. I LOVE Material Obsession!!! Wish I could be there. Enjoy your Aussie quilt adventures. Thanks for sharing your travel posts.


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