Sunday, February 21, 2016

Some QuiltCon fun!

Quilt peeps were stopping by the Marcus booth to sit and hand sew drunkard path blocks, with Mostly Manor! I will then take the blocks and make a quilt top that will be donated for an ALS auction, through Quilters Dream. 

Having time to sit and chat, sew, and make new friends, has been a real treat, here at QuiltCon. 
There is such a fun energy here at this show! 

Kerri Green. 

I have not gotten  around to spend any quality time to see the quilts!!  I got to very quickly run through, snapping a few do I could look at them later on my phone. I have a free hour at thereby of the day today, where I hope to take more. 

Here's a couple I liked! 
I'm sorry I don't have all the quilt info. Hoping for more later. 

Leslie Tucker Jenison

Mostly Manor Spotted! 
The quilt shop, Cotton & Chocolate had this super cute small Hexie quilt made up using Mostly Manor! Isn't it adorable!!  Ack! I need this quilt... Love her choice for the border using the purple and navy Manor Stripes!

More later! Last day of the show! 

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