Wednesday, December 16, 2015

QBL 2016!!!

My classes are up at the Quilting By The Lake (QBL) website!
It's so much fun!!!
I am teaching a two day and a three day class, so I you can't take off a whole week, come for a portion of it!
We stay in dorms, and really enjoy the connections of all the people who attend QBL.  

My Stretch Hex class, (templates sold here)
is such fun class for me to teach, and when your playing in scraps, how can it not be?
PLUS you learn a new skill! in a very easy approachable way!
here are some photos of the class I taught just a couple weeks ago and everyone nailed it!

My THREE day class is my Bright Lights Big city quilt class... We can do so many variations of this quilt, and that is the FUN we focus on those three days, making it YOU!  

I look forward to seeing you! Come PLAY WITH ME!!! We have so much fun in the summer in upstate NY! Last year I had people from all over the country there!  

Remember, QBL has a scholarship program as well, if you think you need some help... you can apply! Doesn't hurt to try!

Your dorms are for 2-4 people, you can ask to stay with your friends... Everyone stays in the same place, which makes for more fun in the evenings! ( my dorm from last time, decked out in my quilt) of course! 

Come play!


  1. Just got back in town, and am slowly trying to catch up as I arrived too sick to even read blog posts. Yuck! I did start reading your posts on your work day, and there is so much good information there as well as a bundle of caring for your quilting fans. Thank you.
    I don't call my unfinished projects UFO's either. When I first started quilting some old timers told me to call them WIPS instead - works in progress. Perfect!

  2. I would love to come and take a class with you again. My dorm experience wasn't the best, so I am trying to work up the courage to try again. The wedding ring is what I really, really want to do.


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