Saturday, December 5, 2015

HO HO OH! wait a minute!

Hi Quilters!
Today I drove up to Auburn, NY to give a lecture at the Schweinfurth Art Center where my quilts are on display. It was a wonderful evening! Tomorrow I teach a two day Double Wedding Ring class.
Before I left, I went to my studio to wrap up a few "thoughts" or projects...
One project, is my 4th Christmas quilt this season! (I'll show you those soon)

Do you remember my Sizzix Tulip Die, that fits on the Sizzix Double wedding ring Die, 
Pictured above? It's one of my favorite quilts...I've had so much fun playing with other things to make with the die... From Gnomes, to santa, to veggies, to Santa Pillows!
I've had on my TO DO LIST, a quilt using the TULIP die for ages, and I finally jumped in a started making the quilt a reality...

Sizzix Bigz Pro Die - Double Wedding Ring Tulip

It started by sifting through my Xmas bin. 
 Yes, I do keep all my Christmas fabrics in one bin... 
(So I know exactly where to go play when I want to make another Christmas quilt of course!)

It's so much fun to sift through and pick cute fabrics!!

Next came faces and beards!

Then things started taking shape!

Elves and Santa!

That looks pretty cute! Time for some background!

 A friend joins the party!

wait... no...
not him...

 RUDOLPH of course!
Looks like Santa needs some spiffying up....

Much better... 
Now let's get those rows together...

Back grounds are set... Time to get some Misty Fuse 
and prep the heads for fusing...

 He He He! 
A pom pom for Santa,
 Elf heads, Rudolph and Santa all fused in place...

Time for quilting!  
Shipped off to Shelly to quilt!

I'm gone til Sunday night... All the driving gives time to think, think, think...
 about new quilts!
so I can hit the ground running Monday.

I'm itching to sew!


  1. I love all of these quilts. Beautiful and fun!

  2. How adorable! Love the whimsy added by Santa's over-sized beard and the Rudolph added to the elf line up. So clever! BTW I am a great fan of your 15 Minutes of Play :-) J. Terrell from St. Cloud, Fl

  3. Love watching your design process. Thanks for sharing. Such a cute Santa quilt!

  4. Ho ho ho. Really put a smile on my face. Love it!

  5. Christmas fun....Beats holiday shopping, for sure!

  6. such a clever idea to get Santa, elves and reindeer out of the tulip die!

  7. Such a cute and whimsical Christmas quilt! Thanks for sharing your process. Safe travels this weekend.

  8. I love the way your brain thinks!!

  9. I'm not really into Christmas quilts, but I do like this one! It's funny 😊

  10. Oh my!!! THIS is my very favorite!!! Tempts me to buy the cutter....


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