Tuesday, December 8, 2015

follow up.

I've had so many comments/emails etc. about my post about my work day, (a few post down...) I thought I'd do a follow up.

Most popular comment:

This is your JOB?
Yes, this is my job. My job is my creative passion, making quilts. I LOVE MY JOB/CAREER!  I don't just sit and sew a couple hours each day...I sew an average 10.5 hours a day.
I'm not quite sure why this is surprising. How many hours do you put in at your job? 40? 50?
Small businesses mean, you work full on to get the job done, and to pay the rent! The PLUS, is for me, it does not feel like work! I love creating!!
...AND, my family comes first. I plan everything I do, first around my daughter's schedule, and then around my husband's schedule. Whatever time is left, is when I plan my work/travel/teach schedule.

If this is NOT your job/career, why would you think you need to produce more to keep up?
We are not in race... Everyone works at their own pace... give yourselves a break!   Sheesh!

Another favorite comment...
I'm sure your points don't match.
My point match.  The beauty of putting in your 10,000 hours is that, your skills do magically get better! Also learning what works, and what doesn't that info sticks with you!

Me? I like my points to match up. I know how to sew my 1/4" seam, which is key in making your points match up.  Patterns are designed with a 1/4" seam, so if you sew 1/8" seam or 1/2" you points are not going to match up. It's as simple as that.  If you don't care that that they don't match up, great. That is completely your choice.
People talk about quilt police, You are your own worst quilt police.  Everyone has there comfort zone about what is "good enough" for them... float to your own boat on that regard.

Am I a perfect quilter?
NO. No one is perfect. I do not make perfect quilts.
I make quilts that please me, to the best of my ability.
I am only perfect in my imperfections.

Another favorite comment:
When do you sleep? 
I sleep like a rock. My tasks are all over the place during the day, from cutting, to cleaning, to writing, to sewing, to long arming, to binding, that my brain is pretty dead by 8pm. I'm early to bed, and early to rise.

Another favorite:
You must not have UFO's.
I have UFO's. (Unfinished objects) But I don't call them that.  They are quilts that just have not come to their fullest potential yet. Anyone who knows my work, knows that I re-purpose my quilt tops too, at various times, depending when inspiration hits... It's all just fabric, seams of not,  and I can cut it up at any time... I paid for it. :-)

Misconception**  5-6 quilt tops a week does not mean one quilt top a day...Those 5-6 quilt tops I make a week, are of the 12 that are constantly on my design walls. When one comes down, another is cut and ready to be designed on my wall.  So those quilts rotate due to various deadlines, and what has to be done each week.  I'm not saying I make 5-6 brand new quilt projects a week, or that I'm making a quilt top each day of the week, I'm saying, with 12 quilts constantly in the works, 5-6 quilt tops do get finished from whatever stage they were in at the start of the week... they rotate.

* side note: Although, driving home last night for 4.5 hours from teaching, I was so inspired, I had an idea! this morning, I went in my studio, and made a quilt top (cut, design, sew) before lunch time...I knew what I wanted it to be, so I jumped in, and did not stop until I had it done.
So, the point being, when inspiration hits, things get done.  
I can't wait show you! 
(after I quilt it)

Does it always happen that fast?

NO! ...I wish!

Some hang on my walls for weeks, before I know that final outcome. But if it has a deadline, you have to pay attention to your intuition, and make a choice.
I don't have days to sit and ponder, "well, hmmm, should I use the light purple of the medium purple?" 
Make the choice and move on.

We are all very trained out of our intuition. We buy the pattern, with the kit, and we don't have to make choices...
Every single day, I am making tons of choices.
I listen to my gut, and my quilt, every day...
I'm trained to listen to it by staying connected to my process.

I don't get hung up on, "Well, maybe, oh, I'm not sure... what should I do.... etc"
Make a decision, and move on!

I can procrastinate with the best of them, but usually on paperwork.   ugh. loathe paperwork.

I have quilts to make, ideas to bring to fruition, I don't procrastinate on my quilt designing...

Be "quilt maker" fearless. 
Life is to short to second guess your creativity.



  1. "Am I a perfect quilter?
    NO. No one is perfect. I do not make perfect quilts.
    I make quilts that please me, to the best of my ability.
    I am only perfect in my imperfections."

    Thank you so very much for this statement, Victoria. This statement could not be more true ...I love you for bringing it to the quilt worlds' attention. I've always felt this way about the quilting process. Thank you a million times over for putting it in B&W, a thing I was never quite able to do. I admire your work so very much. The very best to you always.

  2. Make a decision and move on. So true. Perfect. Love your philosophy.

    1. 😀 I have so many ideas, I have to make them all! No dilly dallying! Hehe! Enjoy the season Mary Ellen!

  3. Thanks for the insight. I spend 4-5 hours a day on quilting, sometimes more. You do get better the more you sew. I don't make a living at what I do; it is the way I make my life. If I had to make a living at it, it would become very difficult. The hardest thing I find is making those decisions that you make easily and move on. I don't trust my intuition as it not as smart as yours. Almost all my quilts are given away as comfort quilts and I pour myself into everyone so that the recipient has a work of art plus that intangible ingredient that makes quilts a universal hug. I am so grateful on all that I learned from you, thank you for your teaching and sharing.

    1. If you are making choices that are "you", you are making a you quilt. Trust that you are enough! You are doing lovely quilts Linda! Hope to see you back at Qbl!

  4. Great commonsense. Thanks for another interesting post. I would love to hear your ideas on how someone moves from being a quilter in their own time, to someone who quilts for their job & career. How do you build up such a business?

    1. I'll ponder that a bit... See what I can do. :-) thanks!

  5. You are so right about your piecing improving the more you sew. I can see a big difference my accuracy in the quilts I made 5 years ago and the ones I'm making now, I'm sewing more quickly, and my points are matching (at least most of the time.)I also agree with you that making a decision and moving on is the best way to quilt. Even if you make the 'wrong' decision, you have learned something that will lead to a better choice in the next quilt.

  6. I like the idea of a project not coming to it's full potential yet! So I have a lot of unrealized potential I need to get a move on.

    1. Haha! All in due time! 😀 I have a big box of tips I go back through every couple years to see if anything excites me. (I pulled six out yesterday!)

  7. As always, very well said. You are a gift to all of us, and I'm grateful for our connection. Can't wait to see your latest inspiration.

  8. I think most of us that commented on FB have "quilter" envy. It was light hearted and I know you are too. Your initial post motivated me to get going a little more than I am and I already consider that a win for me and my productivity. I have finished 3 cribs size that were cluttering up my room (cubicle) and worked on some paper piecing that I had started at the end of 2014 and this morning before breakfast made a backing for another unfinished piece cluttering up my room and brain. If I can't figure out how to quilt it I have another waiting. This all in the last few days so by all means consider that batter about points not matching and such as all good in the scheme of things! I am so glad you shared. :)

    1. Absolutely! ... I get that comment a lot, not just you guys! :-) it is a good question and a good topic to talk about to learn from each other... Happy holidays!!

    2. Yes, Victoria, you definitely inspired me to be more creative which led me to get to some of those UFO's. I work on more than one thing too, but was lamenting not having a design wall in my tiny house filled with people. Then one day - after seeing your studio - I just took over the living room and now most of the pictures in the living room have unfinished quilt blocks/tops hanging over them. It's not a perfect design wall, but it works fine while helping me move forward. It really helps to see it from a 'distance' to figure out what to do next.

      (Did I put this in the wrong place?)

  9. I love this post - great way to start my day!

  10. Thanks for the insight into your creative process and normal work day. I wish I had half your energy and creativity. I particularly like your freedom to cut up or repurpose a project that is not working for you.

    1. Training your eyes to see and focusing on what you like, not what you don't like. Makes a big difference in ones process of you focus on parts you like... :-) happy holidays!

  11. I like the idea about making the decisions and moving on, and not getting stuck. Thanks for talking about that. I think for me working on lots of things at a time helps with this.

    1. I agree, I can focus on the project that has inspired me, and come back to the other project when I'm ready for it. It's a little change in thinking about, "oh I'm stuck, vs. I'm not inspired right now, but I might be later!" Best to be easy on yourself... :-) and enjoy the process.

  12. appreciate the great comments...for somebody who has been working themselves out of the matchy-matchy by the pattern box...who would be me! lol


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