Sunday, November 29, 2015


We are back! Each year we are in Seattle for Thanksgiving, with my stepson and granddaughter, my husband and Beatrice. This year we had amazingly clear (but cold) weather! We've never been when it's been so crystal clear! The light was fantastic! You could see the mountains, and the sun! Yay! 

After our usual vegan dinner on Thursday, we went out to a movie( amazing views again!) , then Friday we went to the Macy's parade. We made it about half way through before we had to go get hot chocolate! But it's all fun, and silliness! So nice to spend the holidays with family! 

Friday, I sneak off with the girls and we visit a couple quilter friends. Nifty quilts was so sweet to have us over for lunch so the girls could give Malti her yearly scratch and ball toss!  Nat was visiting from Melbourne on her around the world in 80 days trip, also, so that was a extra treat!  

We all popped over to see Patricia at Okan Arts, and the girls, were really into checking out all her amazing fabrics. In fact, the granddaughter will now be getting a new quilt for Christmas, with fabric she selected both from Patricia's shop and Keli's shop, Dry Goods Design!

Beatrice had to try on a kimono as she was caught up in the moment no doubt! 

A visit to Dry Goods Design, to say hi to Keli, also proved a good shopping adventure, as Beatrice came home with some fabric also for a new sweatshirt she would like for Christmas! (Below) 

So it seems that this year it is definitely a handmade Christmas for gifts! 

Here's to the start of a great Holiday Season! 


  1. Seattle is fabulous! and cold this time of year, stay warm.

  2. Glad you had time to visit. Fun to see you all!

  3. What stunning views of Seattle, I feel a quilt coming on with all that colour!.
    Looks like you had a happy Thanksgiving and managed to fit in a few quilty visits - lovely photo of Beatrice in the kimono and a happy shot of all the family.

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  5. What a wonderful visit! My son lives in Seattle and last time I went, I got to take a class with Patricia. She's ggreat and the class was fun. Plus I used her technique when I got home to Virginia.

  6. It was super cold while you were here but now we are back to our normal dreary rain. I love it here though. I need to get back up there (We live in the Tacoma/Olympia area) and hit some of the fabric spots. It's been to long. :)


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