Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Double Wedding Rings at Houston!

You weren't able to make it to the International Quilt Festival in Houston?
Here is a slide show done by THE QUILT SHOW of my Double Wedding Ring Exhibit at Houston!
CLICK HERE to view.


Schweinfurth Art Center  in Auburn , NY, has all my Other Double Wedding Rings from the book on exhibit though January 3rd!

I'm lecturing there December 4th,
and teaching a SPECIAL two day Double Wedding Ring Class in their AWESOME HUGE sewing classroom!
Info here! SIGN UP QUICK!

Traditions Made Modern: Double Wedding Rings by Victoria Findlay Wolfe on Exhibit at the Schweinfurth Memorial Art Center October 30th- January 3rd. Auburn, NY... LECTURE DEC 4th. TWO DAY Double wedding ring class: Dec 5-6. sign up quick! http://www.schweinfurthartcenter.org/classes_studio.cfm

My Color Play quilt goes on to the Texas Quilt Museum next for the Modern Quilt Exhibit!


  1. I really enjoyed the slideshow, thanks so much for sharing it. So many stunning quilts! I especially loved your Color Play quilt and how you've taken a traditional pattern and made it look ultra-contemporary by using the solids :)

  2. sweet lady, thank you thank you for sharing, i love the inspiration.

  3. Loved the slide show. I was able to spend time with the DWR quilts in Houston. Just beautiful. A Cloudy Day is my fav. Who wouldn't want to be wrapped up in that quilt on any day actually.

  4. sweet lady, thank you thank you for sharing, i love the inspiration.

  5. Maybe someday I can see these in person!

  6. Great slideshow! I so, so preferred the quilts over the boring wedding dresses. I do hope I'll make a DWR quilt one day, but may not get up the enthusiasm until/unless I can take one of your classes. We'll see. Your quilts are a great incentive.


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