Saturday, October 24, 2015

Double Wedding Ring Exhibit Houston

Cloudy Day , Victoria Findlay Wolfe quilted by Frank Palmer, 2015
I'm pretty excited to have 17  Double Wedding Ring Quilts on exhibit at Houston International Quilt Festival this year! 
I was so excited in fact, that I made 5 NEW quilts just for the occasion. Four of them are shown here.

I will be giving a talk at the exhibit on 
Sunday 25th,  1-2pm
Saturday 31st, 1-2pm
Sunday Nov 1st, 1-2pm

Please stop by and say hi!

Cloudy Day is a mix of many many styles and is a variation of my quilt "A Summer's Day," in my Double wedding ring Book: Traditions Made Modern 
 I used, Reproduction fabrics, Batiks, Linen, Double gauze and quilting cotton to make this quilt... Quite a strange combo of fabrics... I also appliqued the colored dots, Not he white ones... And actually this photo is before I finished appliqueing smoother bits on it... But you get the idea... ;-)

A Thousand Fibers Connects Us, Victoria Findlay Wolfe, Quilted by Mandy Leins, 2015
 This quilt, "A Thousand Fibers Connects Us" was made from vintage double wedding ring melons that were never finished by a quilted before us!  They were varied in size, and I took it as a challenge to give them a place to live... I enjoyed using them in my quilt, much like I did in my LEONA quilt, which also is in my Double wedding ring book...    The title reflects that connection to quitters before us...  good stuff...

Deconstruction, By Victoria Findlay Wolfe, 2015
I could not wait to get my hands on my new fabrics! I had this quilt in mind when I designed the stripes...Red stripe and gold stripe, white and red were used to just go wild and have fun playing with composition, styles of double wedding rings, full melon, and pieced arcs, and full arcs, all in one quilt. Blurring the lines, much like if I had a crayon in a coloring book on where I am dropping in color.

Flowery Poly Blooms, Victoria Findlay Wolfe 2015
And yes, my second polyester double knit, Double wedding ring!  It is hand quilted and Hand tied, using up 9 patches and various poly fabrics from stash... I really do enjoy playing in them and giving a nod to my grandma, and her polyester quilts...

My Grandma Elda used to ask me constantly, "I hope you having fun, and you really like what your doing."
I can honestly say Yes,  yes I do, Grandma.


  1. More of your beautiful quilty creativity on display--Wish I were in Houston to see them in person.

  2. Fun to see your new work, V- and your grandma's comment, priceless! So sweet! She would be so proud. Take care, Chris

  3. Your creativity is astounding! Love them all and can't wait till I see them next week...

  4. I'm looking forward to seeing your exhibit and hope to come to Saturday's talk!

  5. I sure hope you will share some photos from the exhibit here when you have a chance. Have fun at quilt market.

  6. Thanks for showing some of your exhibit quilts,also wish I were going to Houston to see them. All are just fabulous!

  7. the sheer volume of work you're doing is amazing....phew!

  8. You have been busy! Variations on a theme, I love it.

  9. it is a great show, just saw it earlier today,

  10. Wish I was there to see these in person, they are fabulous!!


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